System in my basement. Always going through different gear and speakers, keeping a modest budget. 

Listening to some Selah Audio Cima Monitor & Fondazione Subwoofers, but keeping my horn and SET system as well. 

Thanks for looking. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 28’ × 13’  Large
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Empire Troubadour 598 MK2 turntable
    No longer own.
    • Altec Lansing Altec A8
    Voice of the Theater speaker for use with mono tube amp system.
    • Meadowlark Audio Osprey
    Three way transmission line speakers.
    • ESS AMT-1B
    Heil Air Motion Transformer speakers. No longer own.
    • Seas Odin MK3
    Madisound kit speaker with custom crossovers, using Seas Excel drivers. No longer own.
    • Magnepan MG-1.6qr
    Planar speakers. No longer own.
    • Martin Logan Request
    Hybrid ESL loudspeakers. No longer own.
    • Project Audio Debut Carbon turntable
    With acrylic platter, speed box, record clamp, and Ortofon 2M Black cart.
    • Arcam universal disc player
    • Parasound Halo P-5 preamp
    • Bell 2199 mono tube integrated amp
    For use with Altec speaker. I use stereo sources, run through a mono summing box.
    • Snell Sub 500 passive subwoofer (X2)
    Stereo subwoofers.
    • Dayton Audio SPA-250 subwoofer plate amp (X2)
    For Snell subs.
    • Bel Canto Design EVO 4
    Digital amp running bridged at 500 watts into 4 ohms per channel. No longer own.
    • Project Audio Perspective
    With an acrylic platter, Speed Box S, Sumiko Blue Point II, and Ortofon 2M Bronze.
    • Custom Built Speaker
    Custom three way horn system. Altec 15" woofer in Onken cabinet, Altec mid with Jabo horn, JBL slot tweeter. Custom crossovers and wiring.
    • Quicksilver Horn Mono
    • NAD c268
    Class D running the 15" Altec woofers.
    • Bluesound Node
    • Parasound 2500 v.2
    Running two 12" sealed Snell subwoofers from 60Hz to 20Hz.
    • SMSL SU-9
    It's a DAC. It DACs.
    • Selah Audio Cima Monitor & Fondazione Subwoofer
    Finished in olive ash burl.

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@tjkurita - I purchased the cabinets locally, and that person made them himself. I know there are lots of plans online for these cabinets and any decent local furniture/wood/cabinet shop should be able to knock them out for you. Good luck!


Cool to see someone using an Empire TT! I have 4 of them - all older than your 598. And two Rek-O-Kuts (K33H belt-drive, and a rim-drive).


Hi Truxxor, I really like the Altec horn system.   I am thinking of a 604 in an Onken cab.  Would you mind providing details on who made your Onken cabinet?  I think it looks spectacular and I would like to commission a similar cabinet with different woods.


zephyr - will do, thank you!


That's a serious problem...all good speakers in their own regard! When you listen to Wilson and Focal, try to find Emerald Physics, TAD, Legacy and a couple of others if you can!   Don't know where you are located but if you are ever in this (northwest) corner of S.C., you are welcome here!


zephyr24069 - much appreciated. I do have a bit of a speaker problem. My current favorite, getting the most play, are the Martin Logans. I did also really love the SEAS Odins. 

I've had a lot of other speakers. JBL l96, Klipsch Forte II, KEF C80, Marantz HD660, ESS AMT, and the Magnepans were all really nice in their own way (off of the top of my head).  

Nothing super high-end though. I am still thinking about Wilson and Focal as potential upgrades. Thanks!


That is a great looking collection of equipment and various speakers; it looks like you definitely enjoy this hobby to its fullest! What are your favorite speakers of all you've run across in your room?


jafant - thank you! 

They are the classic cheap record shelves: IKEA Expedit 5x5. They come as a flat pack that you assemble. Not sure if they sell that model anymore, though. 


Beautiful pics!
I really like your media racks along both sides of the listening space.
Did you build or buy pre-made?


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