My NorCal system is finally singing late 2016...very pleased. Had to progressively convert all my gear from 240v to 110v throughout last year. Then I got the new LDR pre-amp and finally had my Tom Evans Linear A (hybrid SE 2xquad EL84s) fully upgraded to Mk2 specs.

With a dedicated room and the space for it, my Bastanis open baffle speakers are just 
singing. These are the CHRYSTAL versions (violin lacquer applied) of this wonderful high efficiency (110db) speakers. Qualities of horn without the issues! Panels are ply from Finland.

I've always liked the transparency of TVC (Transformer Volume Control e.g. Music First) but missed the drive of a good active and I also wanted a remote! With my more efficient speakers, drive is no longer an issue, and with the LDR I found a affordable remote based option. Transparency, as expected is amazing!

Alan Maher power treatment means the sound is dead quiet with ever so 'real' nuances and tactility of live performance coming through.

Room still needs work, some dampening/diffusing here and there and my grounding needs to be upgraded. Need to experiment speaker placement more - it can sound a touch laid back at the moment. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Bastanis Speakers Mandala
    Top of the line CHRYSTAL versions (violin lacquer applied) of this wonderful open baffle, high efficiency (110db) speakers. Qualities of horn without the issues! Panels are ply from Finland!
    • Tom Evans Audio Design Linear A mk2
    Fully upgraded to MK2 status in summer 2016...including new boards and pure copper (not brass plated) speaker binding posts. Even more quiet and thus natural / dynamic than before!

    Linear A is a hybrid, single ended, Class A, ultra-linear stereo amp with 25WPC. Four EL84 tubes per side, in parallel, create a composite tube with characteristics almost identical to the legendary Japanese No.10 tube.
    • Tortuga Audio LDRx
    Remote controlled 'passive' LDR (light dependent resistor) pre-amp that lets everything through uncoloured. Very similar to a TVC sound wish, perhaps a tad more transparent but a tad more finicky when it comes to matching.
    • ModWright LLC Oppo 83SE
    Fully tricked out Oppo 83SE by Modwright including external power supply with rectifier (5R4GY) and tube output stage (6SN7).
    • Alan Maher Designs Various
    Various Alan Maher power factor correction products including Pressure Plate 2.0, EMI wrap 2.0, QPI, RF Antenna, Tricell Active platforms, Engerizer Ground, Energizer PLC, QDS, QStation.
    • Nanotech Systems Cables
    Interconnect: Nanotec Golden Strada #201
    Speaker cables: Nanotec SP#9 Special Nanotec SP#79 SR
    • Symposium Acoustics Ultra, Svelte, Rollerballs
    These platforms help drop my noise floor without the downsides of using power conditioning ie. losing PRAT/being coloured.
    • Finite Elemente Signature Rack

    • Balanced Power Technologies PPC
    Superb - direct sound without any edge. Oyaide plugs, litz cables, Alan Maher power upgrades.

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Nice rug, it really ties the room together! Who is the designer?


Very cool looking room and system Daniel I bet it sounds amazing! And super stylish! Thanks for sharing.


best listening chair ever!


GIK was great to deal with for me. The diffusor panels on the ceiling really opened up the sound stage in my playback. I have diffusor panels on the ceiling, 242 panels behind the speakers and a 244 panel on the first side reflection on the left. 

Have a friend help you experiment, you don't want to make the mistake I did at first when I overdamped the sound. 


@jeff1225 - thanks for the comment. I have a bunch of GIK acoustic panels coming shortly which i see you use as well. I'm hoping those will take my system to the next level.


Congratulations on a very well thought out system. I love the layout of the room.


@sevs I'll take it! although i'm so far from him in reality!


@jesusa0 now that you mentioned it, I agree! Did anybody watch "Big Lebowsky" movie? Boy_lah is our Dude from NoCal ;-)


ola @jesusa0 - I see you have a super cool room too and a red white eames. Lovely. I have always wanted to try the Yamamoto stuff but not had a chance. As for Zu, I wanted to like it but never got on with them at the shows.

@sevs - yes, Sagarmatha Duo is the new Mandala with a new tweeter. And I was shocked too when i saw the full speaker price. I certainly didn't pay that for the kid! and even with cabinet work included, my price was much more affordable. 


What I like the most is the carpet with Eames stuff.


6Moons (one of my fav sites) has a lot of photos, thanks for the link! Being a kit, I thought that the price mentioned of $16'500 has more than just a misplaced comma but also an extra zero... It is Not... lists SAGARMATHA DUO (renamed Mandala?) at 20,000 Euro. For a kit, wow, they must sound amazing, I mean you cannot push a kit at this price "direct", people have to fall in love with their sound first. Tough luck on this side of the Pond: just one Bastanis dealer in NY.


@sevs - TV completely ruins the sound and the aesthetics! Let me know which part of the speakers are you interested in and I'll post more pix later. In the meantime, here's some reviews with photos


nice to know that I am not the only one in CA with no TV between the speakers!  ;-)
Bastanis and the whole idea of an open baffle looks too strange to me. Do you have more photos of the sub/speakers?  When ProAc Future .5 came out I was totally sold on their open baffle sound. Should have bought them, but was out of cash at the time.


adeep42 - I'm in San Francisco and welcome meeting some folks in the area.


Really interesting system. Would love to hear it.


What a beautiful room and system.  Beautiful design all around.


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