Here some impressions of my system. I am pretty happy with this setup, which was quite a challenge as I am living in a loft. The walls left and right to the speakers are covered with 8'x16' canvases which help the room tremendously. The speakers are raised on concrete blocks. There is a lot of room for improvement, especially with the preamp components. The Woo Audio products enjoyed a short stay with me and made their way back to the manufacturer - amazing product in every way!

More HiFi pictures here:

Room Details

Dimensions: 57’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 14’

Components Toggle details

    • Monster Cable Sigma
    • Monster Cable M1000i interconnects
    • PS Audio AC5
    • Benz Micro ACE SL
    • Origin Live Onyx
    • Oyaide Record mat
    • Acoustic Signature Final Tool
    • Rogue Audio Rogue Sixty-Six
    • McCormack Digital Drive DAC-1
    • McCormack Digital Drive SST-1
    • Audio Physic Scorpio
    • Wolcott Audio The Presence P220M

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Thank You for the kind words. Many components have been upgraded, will take new photos soon.


Very elegant, and I'm sure you enjoy the music your system makes, Arun.  And, wow, your room is HUGE!


Hi Kupoe38, I needed an integrated amp due to space, was torn between the Pass Labs INT 250, the T+A 2500R and the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP tube. Went with the T+A, very slick and sounds great for a Solid State. Just sounded the best to me out of the 3 (also considered Ayre integrated). T+A is very popular in Europe and gaining here. I am now upgrading my DAC to a Chord Dave. I do highly recommend T+A equipment.


Thank you amvm73! Improvising as good as I can.


Wow! Impressive and beautiful!


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