I have gone vintage, I had to try and now on my fourth vintage receiver:  Current lineup: 
Tandberg 2025MB, Rega Planet 2000  recapped and upgraded power supply), Tandberg TCD-320, OPPO BDP-103, Speakers: currently using the Coral BX-603 ( early 1970’s). 

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Rega Planet 2000
    This was an incredible find from original owner who performed all recapping and replaced/upgraded the power supply...The “Rega” sound with a veil lifted... 
    • Coral BX-606
    Beautiful looking and sounding speakers from a Japanese maker in the 70’s.  They are a 2-way, with a freq. response of 30Hz - 20kHz with a sensitivity rating of 98db.  Perfect for my low wattage receivers and I’m in musical paradise...
    • Tandberg TCD-320
    Excellent synergy with the TD 2025MB, in fact I bought another for back up and/or parts.  Both in working condition...
    You have to hear the Byrd's greatest hit on this. Wow.
    • OPPO BDP-103
    The workhorse of disc players, need I say more.
    • Tandberg TR 2025MB
    I've had this receiver a bit,  I forgot to update my system.  This receiver has been completely gone through by aTandberg enthusiast and it sounds better than new (I'm told).  This is a fairly rare Multi-band receiver with AM, FM, and multiple SW frequencies.  This was made in another era,  a long time ago...  possibly a match made in heaven with the following components: Rega CD Player, Tandberg TCD, and and the vintage speakers from Coral which sound way better than I paid for them...
    Happy musical times... Cheers 

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