5.1.2 Dolby Atmos surround system for movies yet very musical. It does the job in my space (and for my ears) :-) The SONY DN1080 4K AVR, SONY X800 BD/CD/SACD, Denon CD/SACD, Cambridge Azur CD player. For me it's mostly SACD, Blu-ray, DVD-A audio multichannel stuff. Been getting into quad lately. I love vinyl but it's hard to beat Billy Cobham's Spectrum in quad SACD. Check out my ever growing collection of surround media over at 

2 channel office studio system (analog/digital). Project Carbon with 2M Bronze, Yaqin ML10 50 watt tube Amp, MP-1 Tube Phone pre, OPPO 93, Klipsch RP-600M (Sensitivity 97dB). 

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    • PSB Image 3 RL
    • PSB Subsonic 5
    • PSB Center Image 8
    • PSB Century 1000i Towers
    • SONY SONY DN-1080 5.2.2 4K AVR
    • OPPO BDP-93
    • Project Debut Carbon / Ortofon 2M Bronze
    • Musical Paradise MP-1 Tube Phono Pre
    • Yaqin ML10 Integrated Tube Amp
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 540c
    • Denon DV-09 elite

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