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    • Yamaha CA-1010
    Very nice vintage integrated amplifier and in excellent condition. Purchased from a fellow AG member. The current heart of my main music appreciation system, and my first piece of gear with analog VU meters.
    • Music Hall MMF-2.2
    My first turntable, and not a bad entry level piece. Being fully manual, it has helped me learn to enjoy vinyl as a hobby. Working on growing my collection through visiting estate sales and local record shops.
    • Logitech Squeezebox Touch
    This is a great little piece of tech that helps connect all my digital music. Streams Spotify, Pandora and Tidal, for high quality digital format listening. I haven't figured all the ins and outs of the Squeezebox Server software yet.

    Unfortunately 5 minutes after I started playing for Spotify Premium, the Squeezebox stopped supporting it.
    • KEF C30
    I found these in pretty good condition on Craigslist. I have to admit that I bought them because I recognized the name, and the price was pretty good. I come to find out that the C-30 is a entry-level bookshelf from 1988 (Replacing the Coda III). They actually sound pretty good hooked up to my Yamaha CA-1010. The 8" mid-bass driverĀ  in the sealed definitely outperforms the 6"ers in the ported JBL HLS610s.

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