Not an ideal room, but trying to balance music/movies in a multipurpose living room area that opens on one side to dining and kitchen area.

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    • Lumin T-1
    Music Streamer & DAC Roon software and dual ethernet to fibre optic converters
    • Vitus Audio RI-100
    Entry level Integrated
    • Revel Ultima Studio 2
    Berylium is your friend
    • JL Audio Fathom 110
    Fronts Subs X 2
    • JL Audio Fathom 112
    Rear Sub
    • Cardas Audio Clear Light
    XLR Balanced Interconnects
    • Cardas Audio Clear Light
    Speaker Cables
    • AudioQuest Thunder
    High Current Power Cables 2m
    • AudioQuest Tornado
    High Current Power Cables 2m

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Nice rug. Where's the gear?