October 1st is the goal I set to complete the cloud installation of 25 CAP panels. We're halfway there. When complete, the panels will be adjustable on the vertical & horizontal plane. The adjustments will be made via pulley system. Pre-set stops will be implemented to achieve preset angles. The motorized drive system (MAKITA) will respond to AMAZON "Alexa" voice commands.

Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 23’  X large
Ceiling: 16’

Components Toggle details

    • van den Hul Grasshopper mkIV
    • SME SME20 Series 2
    • Graham Engineering 2.2T
    • VPI Industries TNT MK2.5
    • Accuphase DP85
    • Apple MAC Mini 2012 Hot Rodded PS, OSX El Capitan, TIDAL, & Audirvana
    • Ayre Acoustics CODEX
    • Reflection Audio OM-1 NV
    Early OM-1 w/MC Board.
    • Reflection Audio OM-1 Quantum
    • Reflection Audio DC-12
    Outboard Battery Supply
    • Magico Mini
    Series 1
    • Wilson Audio WP5
    • Wilson Audio WP7
    • Wilson Audio Watch Center
    • Wilson Audio Watch Surround
    • Quad ESL-2905
    • Sonus Faber Solo Center Channel
    • Ayre Acoustics VXR-20
    • Spectral DMA-150 S2 Studio
    • Parasound HCA1500
    • SinglePower SDS XLR Accent T. Dual Maestro Chassis Headphone Amplifier
    • Sennheiser Electronics HD580
    • Sennheiser Electronics HD600
    • Sennheiser Electronics HD800
    • Sennheiser Electronics HD650
    • Stax Lambda Signature
    • Audeze LCD3
    • Audeze LCD-2
    • Spectral Audio Ultra Linear MI-350 IC
    • Core Audio Designs plyKraft 4L KOA/Zebra
    • Core Audio Designs plyKraft 3L African Bubinga
    • Core Audio Designs plyKraft 3L African Sapele
    • Core Audio Designs plyKraft isoPlat Maple/Zebra
    • Core Audio Designs AD1 diffusor
    • Core Audio Designs AD-2 v.4 diffusor Maple
    • Core Audio Designs twiG Rosewood, Bubinga, Zebra
    • Core Audio Designs CAP Composite Acoustic Panel
    • Core Audio Designs riser African Zebra adjustable speaker stand
    • Highwire Audio 1100LSI, 700Ai, 2020LSI,
    Handmade by Legendary Donald Palmer
    • Skywire Audio / Highwire Audio Series 2020 Series 1400 IC, XLR, & COAX Cables
    • Synergistic Research Resolution Reference MK2 Active IC
    • Synergistic Research Reference Coupler(s)
    • Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler(s)
    • Synergistic Research Resolution Reference MK2
    • Richard Gray RGPC-400
    • MIT Z-Stabilizer
    • Sound Application CF-2


    • Cardas Audio Clear Headphone Cable
    • VPI Industries HW-17F
    • Core Audio Designs Hardwood "Spice-Rack"
    Medium to high density hardwoods used for tuning and aesthetic pairing.
    • Sennheiser Orpheus HEV-90/HE-90
    • AudioRequest Fusion 250
    Media Server / Streamer
    • Shunyata Research Denali 6000T
    • Goldenberg MC CARTRIDGE called the "Classic"
    • Accuphase A70-V
    Class A powerhouse
    • Accuphase A-70
    A feast for the ears and eyes.
    • Graham Engineering Phantom II Supreme
    • Keith Monks Limited Edition Blue Sapphire RC
    Modern Day Classic.

Comments 14

Viewing your system has just bowled me over. I don't know if I've ever seen a more extensive collection of various Hi-Fi gear. And the room! I've been around this stuff for nearly fifty years, And I've never seen anything like it.

You are obviously doing something right with your business, your success shows in the quality of your room and system.

Congratulations, and well done!



One of my favorite systems here. The attention to detail, room treatments and the choice of gear reflects owner’s impeccable taste and passion for music. Well done!


Wondering if you would like to sell your Graham 2.2T



Beautiful system, room, room treatments (like your own private concert hall!) and of course a jaw-dropping collection of speakers and components, turntables, etc...over time!  Please send me a message here using InMail; I'd like to talk about the racks and room treatments. Amazing!


What a beautiful looking home, audio room, and audio racks!
Your equipment looks great and I'll bet the music sounds awesome.
My compliments to the chef ;-)


HI Dan,
The DP75 is a great sounding RedBook player. There are people dumping these players in favor of streamers. Nothing against streamers, but for those of us that have large CD Collections it would be silly to sell. IMHO, Accuphases strength is in Digital. The drive mechanism and case work are stellar. These days I rarely spin discs. My DENON HEOS streamer (COAX or Optical) feeds the DP75. The processors are smooth as butter. The 85 however, will trounce the 75 in resolve. 


Great system.
How do you like the Accuphase DP75 CD player?


Updated plans for our "RADIO" (Reference Room) using our new C.A.P. (composite acoustic panels). See plans below.


Damn impressive! Congrats!


Thank you Mr. 996cupracer  or is it Mr."GT3 Mezger" Given your username I think we have more in common! -Kayodebun Thank you as well. I will post more images of my audio museum. I'm a bit of a hoarder. Thank You David C. AKA toudou for your support and taking the time to write such a nice comment. Can't believe it, but c o r e is quietly going on its 15th year. Talk2me, I've been an AgoN member since '98. This is the 1st time i've participated in Audiogon's "Virtual Systems." This is the happy side of Audiogon. Keeping it fun is what it's all about and learning from others. Too much bashing on the other side.  I hope to be a good contributor.


Your system makes me giggle with delight! Really cool array of great gear. Being a fellow Wilsonphile, I would love to hear your rig.


Awesome gear and room. Very inviting, like a siren's call to come listen to me.


Beautiful set up! I own a set of Core Audio stands and they are simply gorgeous. Arnold's products are simply work of arts.


Absolutely amazing!


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