Time for a new update.

Gone from my 2 channel system is my Cary SLP-05, which has been replaced by an Ayre KX-5 twenty.  Maybe it's the synergy with my Ayre phono pre, but after an extensive A/B I felt the Ayre made a significant difference.

Also, upgraded my VPI's tonearm and cartridge.  Added the fatboy (unipivot) and an Airtight PC7.

New pics to be posted soon..


This system has gone through many changes through the years.  Gone from the above are the following:

Two Channel-
Oracle Paris TT 
McIntosh MC202 
Sonic Frontiers Phono Preamp 
Benchmark DAC 
Cary 306 SACD
Canton Reference 9 Speakers 

Home Theater-
Rotel RSP 1066 prepro
Anthem AVM30
Denon DVD2900
Oppo BDP 83
Sherbourn 1500/A 5 ch amp
Anthony Gallo Strada

For awhile I was using the Focus Audio speakers as double duty for both stereo and HT, but now I only use them for all things surround.  The Thiels are strictly for 2 channel.  The REL works with both systems (LFE and Speakon cables are swapped depending on which medium).


Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Accuphase A-50
    50w Class/8 ohms, 100/4, 200/2
    • Anthem D2v
    • Ayre Acoustics P-5xe
    Phono preamp
    • Ayre Acoustics QB-9 DSD
    • Focus Audio Prestige FP80se, FPCSE, FP 50
    For 5.1 and Home Theater
    • Parasound A-51
    200W amp for 5.1/Home theater
    • Oppo Digital BP-103
    Blu Ray/SACD/DVD Audio
    • Thiel Audio CS-3.7
    Les Paul Signature limited edition in tobacco sunburst finish.
    • REL Acoustics Stentor mkIII
    300W Class AB downward firing sub
    • VPI Industries Aries II
    Upgraded with HRX feet, outer ring and aluminum platter
    • Acoustic Zen Technologies Satori
    12 ft speaker cables
    • Acoustic Zen Technologies Matrix reference ii; silver reference ii
    xlr cables
    • Mapleshade Golden Helix; Golden Parallel
    Speaker cable for 5.1
    • Air Tight PC-7
    MC Cartridge
    • Ayre Acoustics KX-5 Twenty

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Nice upgrade to Accuphase and AYRE.

Happy Listening!


Great to see Thiel CS 3.7 owners here.
I also own 3.7s and will go all out assault next winter by giving them Aries Cerat Impera II Ref preamp, Concero 65 Ref monoblocks and Totaldac d1-Twelve mk2.


Any updates in 2018 -dhoff01?
I know those Thiel speakers bring you hours of sonic joy.
Happy Listening!


Thanks again for the comments. Been listening to the Thiels now for about 4 months, and I have to say, they sound better each day I'm in front of them.  That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't still room for improvement.  Next on my list is a new cartridge and possible upgraded tonearm.  At some point I'd also consider upgrading my DAC, although for now I listen to far too much vinyl to really justify it..


Good to see you here on Audiogon- dhoff01.
Beautiful system and room. Join us on the Thiel Owners thread in forums.
I would like to read about your Audio journey and gear history. We all have a story to tell. You are one of the very few using an Accuphase amp w/ Thiel loudspeakers. Those CS 3.7s are stunning.

Happy Listening!


One of the nicest rooms I have seen Hi-Fi vise.
Enjoy your music.


I had to move my LesPauls in my weight room in the basement,away from kids and pets.While I’m getting the best sound possible,it’s far from most audiophile   Setups! Too close to back wall and tons of steel and iron around everywhere!Homemade sound panels helped a lot.Im able to enjoy them most days,much more than before in my living room.I didn’t post any pictures because of this set up.I do think I have the best tunes in any weight room,except maybe Arnold’s or Lou’s!Enjoy Your Les Pauls-we are a select few!


Thanks for the comment cymbop!

Corvette - you're a lucky man.  Now create a system thread and post some pics so we can see them!


A beautiful room and system.  Chapeau!


Love those tobacco Les Paul's!I have a pair of the sunburst Les pauls!Great looking setup!Congrats!


Thanks Oran!



I'm sure your stereo is as refined as it is dynamic. I love that it looks understated but bristling with energy at the same time. Nicely composed photographs too! Congratulations...



Thanks for the comments..

Jeff - I actually swapped out the Cantons for my Focus Audio's about 6 years ago (my FA's are now regulated to surround duties).  The Canton's were a brief upgrade from my B&Ws.  I had a pair of Fonum 150s when I was in high school and I loved them, so I bought the R9s sight unseen.  Big mistake.  I'm sure there are many people who love them, but regrettably I was very disappointed.  I just felt they didn't throw a very big soundstage and the imaging never seemed to be impress me.  My pair of Focus Audio FP80se speakers were a dramatic improvement.  And the Thiels are simply in a different league, at least to my ears.   


Nice system.  I really like the look of that monster Accuphase amp.  Very impressive!


Well Done; Dh

A beautiful combo of a SS Class A amp & Tube Preamp

I've done the same and find a wonderful synergy, to my ears.

I've never heard an Accuphase amp, but the Cary Pre is a sweet one

Accuphase is supposed to be one of the Highest pinnacles.   Plus it is darn beautiful

How did the switch from Cd9 & Canton sound to you with the Thiel switch
Better details, smoother, fuller, etc

Well done Jeff


Thanks!  I admit i was a little hesitant about buying the Thiel's given my A50 is rated at 'only' 50wpc and the 3.7s are notorious for being power hungry.  But the Accuphase is more than enough, pumping out 100w at 4 ohms and further doubling down to 200w at 2 ohms.  Happy to say that the whole system just sings.  I can't see myself upgrading from the Thiels anytime soon..


As a former Thiel owner myself, let me just say your system is spectacular!  Love the 3.7s especially with the class A amp and tube preamp.  Well done.  Enjoy!


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