Dedicated 20amp feed 

Switch free power sockets

Puritan PSM156 (Power Conditioner) 

Pre Amp / DAC  

Holo Audio may DAC

Holo Audio Serene Pre Amp





NUC / SSD / Linux / 3i / 20GB / 128 GB


     Novatron X50


Interconnects: Coherent XLR

Speaker Cables: Coherent 6D Gen II

Ethernet :  

Power Cables: Coherent 4D and Furutech FP-TCS31 / FI-1363 Gold UK Plug / FI-28 Gold IEC C13

Fuses: Quantum Science Audio Black Entry Level UK 13A Fuse

Synergistic Quantum Orange 13 amp 

Power Amp

Karan KAS 270 

8 ohms 270W

4ohms 450w

2ohms 830W

s/n better than 112db

No negative feedback 

Pin Hot: 3

Room Treatments

Side Walls - First and Second reflection points with Foam & Quadratic Diffusion

Rear Wall - Foam & Quadratic Diffusion

Floor - Carpet 

Bass - 20cm Rockwool in the walls between brick and sound proofed plaster board.

Bass - Cinema Screen contains 40cm Rockwoll / Bass Trap (Air space and Rockwool)


Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Wilson Audio W/P Sasha 2
    Needs no introduction.
    • Karan Acoustics KA-S 270
    Power Amp
    8 ohms 270W / 4 ohms 450w / 2 ohms 830W / s/n > 112db / No negative feedback / Pin Hot: 3
    • Puritan Audio Labs PSM-156
    Power Conditioner
    • Townshend Audio Townshend Seismic Podiums
    Located under the DAC, Pre Amp and Power Amp
    • Inside Tech Roon Server + LPS Roon Rock Fanless Music Server

    CPU i3 7100U RAM 20GB DDR4 Storage 128GB SSD 

    • Bonn N8 Silent Angel - TCXO Audiophile Ethernet Switch
    • Long Dog Audio LPS (Roon Server)
    • Long Dog Audio LPS (Silent Angel Network Switch)
    • Track Audio Isolation Speaker Isolation feet
    • Furutech FP-TCS31
    Power Cable with Rodium Furutech Plugs and upgraded mains fuses
    • Coherent XLR 6th Dimension Gen II XLR Analogue Interconnects
    2 pairs and couldn't really afford these - but after listening I had to buy them.
    • Audio Quest Cinnamon Ethernet
    • Coherent 6D Gen II Speaker Cables
    One of the best upgrades I have ever experienced.
    • Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector
    • Novatron X50 Streamer Music Streamer + Roon End Point
    • Holo Audio May DAC
    I didn't go for the KTE version but the standard MAY includes the separate power supply and so should be close to the KTE in terms of performance.
    • Coherent Power Cable 4D Coherent Power Cable 4D
    Supplies the power amp direct from the wall
    • Holo Audio Serene Pre Amp

Comments 5

Hello! Great system!
Out of curiosity, have you had success plugging your Karan amp into the Puritan? I have a 300W amp, and have been considering the PSM156, but I'm worried that it might constrain my amp in some way.
Also - very curious to hear if you found any great power cable upgrades for connecting the PSM156 to the wall. The Puritan Ultimate cable seems like the logical first step, but curious to learn from your experience. Happy listening!


...i think i remember the DEQX + speaker package....was it three separate drivers with active amps?

I never heard it but it was on my radar for a while and then i set my heart on another piece of kit, and so it goes on! 

thanks for the kind words. 


Great looking listening room. The big screen compliments the big sound I bet.

I just saw the comments on DEXQ, I was employed in Australia by Lenehan Audio and Mike used to build DEXQ speakers and sold them as sets, they looked great too.


Hi Am. Thanks for your message. I don’t have any plans for surround sound and will stay 2 channel. I would like to utilise the active crossover from the DEQX and so the next upgrade will
probably be some more amplification. DEQX is just about to start retailing a new mono block (A250x3) with tri amp outputs, which looks interesting but I will have to keep dreaming for now....


Very nice system! Will you eventually integrate it into a surround setup?


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