An Architect's Music Room

The music room took a lot of love and 10 years of planning/design to build. Now it is finally there (well almost). Here are some initial pictures of the analog shrine. Hopefully I can now continue my harmless indulgence in good music and share it with my little daughter as she grows up.

New updates in 2016-17 with new McIntosh C50 preamp and MVP891 SACD player, sweet sounding BMC M2 monoblocks, Primaluna Dialogue Seven monoblocks and a beautiful Transrotor Leonardo Doppio turntable. Latest addition to top it off is a pair of the magnificent Focal Utopia Scala speakers in a warm gray finish.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Focal Utopia Scala
    Warm Grey finish. Version 1.
    • McIntosh C50
    Solid State Preamp
    • McIntosh MVP-891
    SACD and Blu-Ray player
    • BMC M2
    Solid State Monoblock Amps
    • Transrotor Leonardo Doppio 25/25/60
    Turntable made in Germany
    • Sony HAP-Z1ES
    Music server.
    • Otari MX-5050 B2
    Reel to Reel Recorder
    • Graham Engineering 1.5 Tonearm
    With Benz M2 Wood MC Cartridge
    • PrimaLuna DiaLogue 7
    Tube Monoblock Amps with Tung Sol KT150s
    • JL Audio F112
    Matt black 12" subwoofer. Music room.
    • Cardas Audio Golden Cross Speaker Cables
    Two pairs. Pair each for each monoblock amps
    • Audeze LCD-XC
    Closed back headphones.
    • Nakamichi LX-5
    Cassette deck
    • GamuT Audio PHI-7
    Full range floorstanding speakers from Denmark.
    • Sony 85" X900F TV
    • Pioneer Kuro 60"
    Home Theatre
    • Marantz AV7702 MKII
    Home Theatre
    • Marantz MM8077
    Home Theatre
    • Outlaw Audio 5000
    Home Theatre
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) M-1
    Home Theatre
    • Definitive Technology HT Surround Speakers
    Home Theatre
    • JL Audio Dominion D110
    Ash finish 10" subwoofer. Home theatre.

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The main speakers look so cramped.

I love the space. I would place the main speakers on each side of the TV. I would get rid of the Long cabinet beneath the TV so speakers can be more comfortable. And maybe get interior curtains along the window wall.

So many amazing main speakers. 


Sick......just sick.  You are my design hero.


Beautiful architecture and system(s) everything about these pics!


It’s beautiful but I can’t help but notice that there seems to be no acoustic treatment and LOTS of hard surfaces in the 2 channel room.


Beautiful systems! Can I come over to listen?  Lol


You sir, have created one of the most well done, complete, not over the top systems i have ever had the pleasure to view......Enjoy it !!!!


Beautiful work. My compliments. Favorited!


Hi there... The clear dust cover were custom made several years back for another set of tube amps. They just happen to fit the PrimaLunas perfectly. Sorry don't have the manufacturer details.


quick question.  what do you use for the clear dust covers that fit over the primaluna dialogue amps?  i like those and would like to find for my primaluna.



Sourojit, you have my all time favorite system and house combo.  Just beautiful.  Any more recent pics you care to share?


Good lord mate!  You.Are.My.Spirit.Animal.


Breath-Taking - Beautiful!!


Hi Sourojit,

I have always been impressed with your system and, as a former student in architecture, I really enjoy the flow of your rooms.  

I have a question for you:  Would you be willing to share your story, along with some photos, with readers at my new blog?  It's at:

My contact information is there.  Let me know.  


Juan C. Ayllon 


Thanks for checking out my systems! We're in Michigan.... where nearly two feet of snow fell since Christmas! 



Hello Sourojit,
    Just a beautiful home, what an inspiration. Sound quality may be paramount but equipment exists in our living space so it has to be beautiful too. Yours is simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. 

    We have an MCM house too, and have just torn out our cheap 90's kitchen and replaced it with a decidedly retro kitchen. I'd be honored if you took a peek; it's labeled Oran and Sara's Kitchen Stereo. (Our main system may be of interest too, it's titled Music is Magic)

    Congratulations on a world class house.



Much appreciated, Amvm73, Albertporter and bubba12. Happy Holidays to you all!


I agree with albertporter, the photos look like they're straight from a high end audio magazine. Beautiful systems (both current and old) and a gorgeous setting. I LOVE this style of architecture!


I'm in Dallas, TX.  Our home is not as pretty as yours, but then again I'm not an architect.  You did a marvelous job and at least here in our market there is strong demand for MCM homes.  

Several in our neighborhood are getting improvements which is good.  Helps everyone else as well.

I  should have said in first post, the photos are excellent too.   I made my living for more than 35 years doing commercial and advertising photography.  Some of homes too but not my main line of work.

Enjoy your hard work, both the home and the system.


Hi... We live in Southern California. Ours was built in 1952 by a fairly well known local MCM architect, Paul Tay. A lot of work has gone into this house over the last 10 yrs of ownership. Previous owner didn't care for the style of architecture, unfortunately. Thanks for your very kind comments!


I LOVE the room and the equipment display is nothing short of elegant.

Great job, what part of the country do you live?   Our home was built in 1954 and we have hung on to much of the mid century modern style but added a few elements of older homes so it's a bit more mixed.

Thanks for posting this !


If it sounds as good as it looks.... WOW.


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