I build custom stands and amp stands, if you like what you have seen you can find me selling on audiogon, let me know what ya think, also i just downloaded a short video on youtube,, or try Saluda River Audio Stands for proof my stands stop vibration in their tracks, please with the whole video the end is killer

Room Details

Dimensions: 28’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Supra Cables MD06-US/SP
    line conditioner with custom stand, i built the stand
    • Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs OML-2
    • Thorens TD 126 mkIII
    Custom Walnut and Maple plinth walnut armboard all made by me, sure SME 3009 tonearm
    • McIntosh C 30
    • McIntosh Mc2105 amp
    mc2105 modififed by Terry DeWick
    • Mcintosh MCD 7000 CD Player

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Such beautiful work!  I can tell you are a happy man doing what he was meant to do.  Wish I had the room (and budget) for one of your works of art.


I admire your turning skills. I am a hobbyist woodworker myself, but I have never taken the time to learn turning skills. That’s an amazing lumber yard. It’s like going to a candy store. It looks like you are in SC. I’m in Winston. Take care. David


Hey jond, thanks for the kind words, woodworking has always been a big part of my life, my father was very talented, and i have received his legacy. And it really does go well with the audio world, so much of the new stuff is all metal and cold, wood adds a bit of warmth, and what it does for sound quality is unreal. Thanks again, Mike


Gorgeous woodworking thank you for sharing and nice looking system! So jealous of people that can make stuff.


Thanks for the compliments, the boxes are solid birdseye maple and the fronts are solid walnut, the speakers are just some old sonys that i had, there is a web site madisound that has some nice speaker kits that i want use to start building my own speakers. Thanks again Mike


You have excellent taste and do very good work, sir.
I'd like to know more about those gorgeous speakers you custom made for your daughter, please.




Amazing woodwork.


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