I suppose this is an accumulation of about 7 years in 2-channel pursuit nirvana...all hidden under the cloak and disguise that it's for the family's theater enjoyment.

It's two entirely separate systems.  There's termination at the front of the room for me to connect cabling from the Marantz 7-channel, making it a quick swap when I change back over to 2-channel mode.  I found most center channel stand's to be too high, impeding the screen.  This is my fault, as I bought the largest screen that would fit, with zero consideration given to center channel location.  Located a desktop stand that looked sleek and fit nicely, that's the white "U" shaped piece of formed sheet metal.  There's a sub preout run from the Anthem to the front of the room as well, allowing me to dual purpose the sub for 2-channel and HT.  Room sits 9 comfortably, with a big Lovesac bean bag, if you want to lounge out.

The system won't take your teeth off, but it sounds pretty damn epic at high volumes.  With the DEQX fully dialed in, it is the best setup I've ever owned, 7 years into this pursuit.  Love the transparency of the Pass Labs, paired up with the PS Audio DSJ and BHK mono's.  I've recently begun to swap out cabling and my power conditioning/distribution.  

As many have experienced, the cost of cabling can escalate quick, without a real way of knowing if it's going to enhance or deter from the 2-channel experience...other than the 7 Year War of believers vs. non-believers raging on numerous audio forums.  I had originally ran all Shunyata power cabling, along with Audioquest Colorado XLR's.  I had to move my BHK's off of the front room riser to make space for the double footprint of the Pass Labs XP-20.  It's not that I subscribe to or disagree with various points of view when it comes to cabling, I just wasn't going to drop $1500+ per side to extend the amps out, as I also needed longer XLR's.  After much research, I decided on VooDoo Cable.  I swapped out 2M Shunyata Research Python Helix power cables for VooDoo Cable's entry level power cabling.  Literally, zero difference in sound.  I can not tell a difference and I'm pretty familiar with my system.  I also swapped out the Audioquest Colorado's for VooDoo's Definition XLR's, again, zero difference in sound.  What did make a difference in noisefloor, swapping out the Shunyata Research Hydra 6 for the Nordost Qbase, on the AC distribution side.  It was night and day, for the better.  

I wasn't 100% convinced about doing a faux 4k setup, but am blown away by the Epson, especially for the cost.  I haven't gone all in on the Atmos configuration, but eventually will.  The Anthem AVM-60, with it's room correction makes every seat in the house great, when watching movies.

Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 22’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Pass Labs XP-20
    • PS Audio DirectStream Junior
    • PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Monoblock's
    • Dynaudio Confidence C4 Signatures
    • DEQX Premate
    • Nordost QX-4
    • Nordost QRT QBASE QB8-MKII
    • GIK Acoustics Scatter Plates, Absorbers & Bass panels
    • Anthem AVM-60
    • Marantz MM8077
    • Stewart Filmscreen 125" Cima
    • Shunyata Research Python Helix CX power cabling
    • VooDoo Cable Mojo Power Cabling
    • DH Labs Mirage USB
    • AudioQuest Colorado XLR's
    • AudioQuest Castle Rock Speaker Cabling
    • REL Acoustics 528T

Comments 4

Very cool system.  Looks like a lot of fun.  Interesting comments about the Nordost vs Shunyata power conditioning.  I've been thinking about swapping out my Thor for something else. Are you doing wall to qx4 to qbase to equipment? Enjoy!


So are you going from Digital -> DirectStream Junior -> analog -> Pass Preamp -> DeqX(Analog -> Digital->Analog) -> amps and subs?



It's hooked up balanced in/out.  Technically, you don't need a separate pre or DAC.  The DAC in the DEQX sounds ok, nothing to write home about.  The Pass and DSJ improve the signal, to the point it makes sense.


Interesting system,  wondering how you have the deqx hooked up for two channel.  Would have thought that you wouldn’t need a separate preamp or DACwih the deqx.


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