So I finally decided and upgraded my subwoofer to dual SVS SB16 Ultras in piano gloss black(I have not added pics yet) and I’m Very happy I did. My impressions are they look absolutely beautiful in the piano gloss finish. On the audio side, they blend very well with my Martin Logan fronts. They are excellent for 2 channel listening as they really do a great job at extending the bass of my speakers without bringing attention to them....they simply disappear. For movies these things are an absolute beast. The bass is fast, tight, powerful and extremely deep and provides a sense of realism to sound effects like explosions and crashes. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase. I was also looking at JL Audio Fathom F212 v2 or F113v2, and REL G1 MKII and went with SVS because of the price to performance factor. Also forgot to mentioned that the mobile app is a nice feature as it allows for on the fly adjustments from your seating position and you have the visuals on the screen to look at what your doing as oppose to just knobs. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Martin Logan Aeon front L&R speakers
    • Martin Logan Cinema I center speaker
    • McIntosh MX122 Preamp/Processor
    • McIntosh MC8207 7 Channel amplifier
    • B and K Reference 200.3 3 channel amplifier
    • VPI Industries Prime turntable
    • Parasound JC3+ Phonostage
    • OPPO UDP- 205
    • Sennheiser HD800
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Hugo DAC
    • Schiit Audio Bifrost DAC
    • Schiit Audio Lyr 2 Headphone amp/preamp
    • Sony XBR75X940C
    • Mirage OMR2 surrounds
    • Apple 4K TV
    • Mirage OMR2 Surround backs
    • SVS Dual SB16 Ultras
    1500watts rms. 5160watts peak each subwoofer
    • Monster Power HTS3600
    • AC Infiniti
    • Logitech Harmony Elite
    • AMAZON Echo 2nd gen

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Thanks for the dust cover suggestion. I’ll definately check them out


Check out Dust-O-disc for the VPI Prime platter. It covers the platter when the TT is not in use to stop airborne dust and particles resting on the platter. A must if you want to preserve your Vinyl collection.


Thanks to you both for your insight and suggestions. The SVS is obvious choice in term of price to performance. It also seems very flexible to interface with the subs whether by the front panel, remote or smartphone app. I will report back once I have made my decision.


Rythmik has recently added a new model with an 18" (!) woofer, both in sealed and ported versions.


Always happy to help.
I've never owned REL or JL Audio (they're a little out of my price range), so I've never had the chance to listen to either long term. I've only heard REL in dealership systems. Though I do have a rather well-to-do friend whose dedicated home theater room's sound system is anchored by JL subs, and they are most impressive.
However, SVS make subs meant to be heard, not seen. They may not be lookers, but their performance approaches all but the top tier of JL or REL - at a much lower price point.


Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. My BPS400 sun is in the right corner and I never gave it a thought with switching it to the other side until you mentioned it which make a lot of sense... I’ll will give some serious consideration on your suggestions. As for the subs the ones you mentioned from REL, JL and SVS are on my short list. I’m leaning dual SVS SB16 ultra for the price but do you think JL audio or REL signicantly better or marginal?


Very, very nice system! However, visually and functionally, you might do better with having whatever is in the corner to the right of that gorgeous TV and your equally beautiful rack of components swap sides, especially since the rack's door is hinged on the right.
As for subs, it's hard to go wrong with REL or JL Audio, although I've been quite happy with my sealed SVS subs, if you want to go in a more affordable direction.
Good luck!


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