This is the beginning of a new listening room system, after changing jobs.

The Magnepans 1.7i's have been much easier to set up in my room than Vandersteens.  I started with them in the Arizona winter, but summer is coming up soon.  I may try high-current digital amps after May, and hopefully the sound will be just as good as Pass Aleph.

This system is a work-in-progress, and I hope by the end of the year, everything will be really dialed in.

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    • Magnepan Magnepan 1.7i
    I really like these speakers!  They throw a very deep soundstage.  The 1.7i's also seem very transparent, and I can hear upstream component changes easily.
    • Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme speaker cable
    A lot has been written about Cerious Graphene Extreme speaker cables.  Since I cannot afford Teo Audio speaker cables, these are the next best thing.
    • Seaton Sound Submersives (x2)
    I am a bass head, especially when movies are involved.  I've enjoyed these bang-for-the-buck subwoofers for several years.
    • Teo Audio Game Changer RCA interconnect
    I was quite surprised with how these interconnects helped my system.  To me, they bring a tube-like life to the presentation.  A lot has been written already about Teo Audio Game Changers.  For me, high frequency treble sounds with percussion really sounds nice with these cables.
    • Bob Crump AC power cords (x2 for Aleph 30s)
    These power cords are better than simple AC cords for my amps.  I may experiment with other AC cords down the road.
    • DSPeaker Antimode 8033
    Since my listening room is small, this EQ device is critical for bass management.  It is quite effective, and good enough for now.  I may upgrade to the DSpeaker Dual-Core later.
    • HiFi Tuning Silver fuses (for Magnepans)
    These fuses definitely help the Magnepan 1.7i's.  Sound becomes more clear, and I have not had any issues with the fuses blowing.
    • Equi=Tech Son of Q balanced power conditioner
    A solidly designed AC power conditioner.  Works best with my digital player, and preamp, when it was used for an earlier system.
    • Harmonic Technology AC-3 power cord (for Oppo)
    A solid AC power cord, and better than using the stock cable supplied by Oppo.  Flexible with tight connectors.
    • Oppo 105
    The digital hub of my setup.  I listen primarily to CDs, and have a handful of SACDs.  I have used my home theater PC as a digital transport, with the Oppo 105 acting as a DAC as well.
    • Pass Labs Aleph 30 Monoblocs
    I have used these Pass Labs (clones), both with Vandersteen 3A Signatures, and now Magnepans.  They are able to drive the panel speakers just fine.  It is hard to not like their 2nd order harmonics sweetness.
    • Mivera Audio Icepower 1200AS2 amp
    Class D stereo amplifier, using Icepower 1200AS2 module.
    1200 watts into 4-Ohms.

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The Equi=Tech is rock solid.  Quiet, clean power.  It is a key part of the system.


Big Magnepan and Pass Labs fan, so I bet your system sounds great.  I just got an Equi=tech Q.  How do you like yours?


Nice System. Can't go wrong with Pass Labs/Magnepans!


Hello ketchup,

I did not check my virtual system threads for a while, due to work and family issues.

I sold the Mivera amp, because it had a very low-level physical hum/buzz.  My room has so much acoustic treatments, it was noticeable during quiet passages.

That amp was fantastic, other than that.  It did not generate much heat, which was ideal for a 2nd story room in Arizona.

- Steve O.


How do you like the 1200AS2 amp with the Maggies?


The Mivera Audio amp has arrived!  I am currently breaking it in each night after work.  I enjoy how it sounds, and really appreciate how little heat it generates.  (It will be almost 110 degrees F this weekend).


cytocycle - I have decided to go with Mivera Audio's Ice Edge amp for the Magnepans during the Arizona summer.  They are rated for 1200 watts - we will see if they can really give the Maggie's enough current.  After I have broken in the amp, we can try it out in your system, too!  

Thanks for the heads-up about Cerious power cords; I will try the Mivera with my Bob Crump cord first, and then try others.


dhubertus - your theta dreadnaught will drive magnepans perfectly.  Magnepans are addictive as there are few speakers that can generate a wall of sound versus point source.  I owned SMG's, then IIIa with dual subs actively crossed over.  10 years later bought set of 1.6's and then second set of 1.6's to run 5.1 and 2 channel.  my other friend owned the 3.6's and the improvements on the latest 1.7i speakers trump everything.  I was trying to go to 20.1's with my Theta Citadel 1.5 amps and Gen VIII but they obscure my projector screen.
shosugi - can't wait to keep following the progress of your room and system!


I’m an old Magneplanar guy starting in the ‘70’s.  Tympany series (2x3 panels) then their high end 1-3-1 panel.  Always loved their bright sound.  Reason I comment is I currently have Vandersteens and am thinking about switching back to Maggies.  Driving with Theata Dreadnaught.


Thanks Mike!
Do you have any suggestions for amps which don't run too hot, but can drive 4Ohm Maggie's?


Congratulations Steve. Looks awesome. Love the Maggies :-)


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