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Dimensions: 14’ × 20’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Dynaudio Contour 30
    Grey oak, high gloss finish
    • Hegel HD12
    DAC with true DSD native support. XLR output.
    • Hegel P30
    Preamp with Hegels own SoundEngine feed forward technology.
    • Hegel H20
    Power amp with Hegels own SoundEngine feed forward technology. Has capability of outputting up to an amazing 130 ampere!
    • Clearaudio Concept
    Pickup upgraded to Clearaudio Maestro V2.
    • Clearaudio Basic+ RIAA and external power supply
    • Nordost FREY 2 NORSE
    Speaker cables and XLR interconnects.
    • Nordost Heimdall 2
    USB cable.
    • Apple Mac Mini 2014
    With SSD disk. Power supply upgrade is planned.
    • Solid Tech Radius Duo 3
    HIFI Rack
    • Supra Cables MD06
    Power cables and power strip

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No, they are original. They are spikes that can be adjusted in length. The speakers came with them already mounted/screwed in.


Are those after market speaker Plinths on your Contour 30's? I have the same Speakers, but i don't have the black knobs that i see on yours.  Very nice!


Yes, it is. It's the Dynaudio Contour Sub, but I have sold that now.


Very lovely system!
Is that a rather sizable sub, off to the right?


That is my favorite finish for the Contour series. It is superb and distinguishes itself from other finishes on the market.
Again, tat is a wonderful system you have put together. Enjoy your music!


These are the Grey oak finish. If you toggle on comment details you can see my descriptions.


Nice system. I have heard those speakers before. They sound beautiful when mated with the right amps. The Hegel H20 should be more than enough. Is that the Grey finish or the walnut finish?


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