I highly recommend having a listen to these little gorgeous speakers they defy the laws of physics ..they also pass wife / girlfriend TEST with flying colors 
Ease of placement ..and truly musical to high volumes without grain or compression 
With a subwoofer they kick A$$..without they still have substantial punch ...fantastic for disapearing and letting music play for hours of non fatiguing play 
Unfourtanatley due to the delay in delivery time ..i had only 4 days with them ,before i left for 3 months ..they were burned in at the factory ... they will be fully ready for serious placement and room adjustments by the time i return.
As an owner of Dick Sequia Met 7’s from the early 80’s ..i would say if you liked the voicing and imaging of those would be advised to give a listen to the Boenicke W5’s as they are all that and have a descent bottom end , and are just as easy in weird placement and delivering the ability to enjoy the music ..and forget about wanting to freaking tweek the system every 5 minutes 

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 11’

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    • Rotel RA1570
    • Boenicke Audio W5
    • Hales Design Group Revelation 3
    Bought 1979 been in contant use in a large photo studio and then in 2 smaller apartments
    • Apple Imac 2017 model
    Using Tidal and locally stored AIFF files
    • AUDIRVANA PLUS Software Software
    Used-on 2017 Imac
    • LUSH Lush^ USB cable
    Inerconnect for imac to Rotel DAC connection
    • Cardas Audio Iridium 10ft pair speaker cable
    • Acousticart 4 x 6 ft 4 inch thick bass trap

    Famous Graffitti Jonh Lenon In Prague - ID # 979293

    Image OrientationFollow Original Orientation (Standard) INSTALLATION & HARDWARE OPTIONS:Four 12 inch Z-Bars for Walls (Holds 4'x4' or Larger) Select Panel Core Type:EcoCore (People Friendly Option) Choose Edge Profile (Bevel)▲ BEVELED EDGE Select Panel Size6x4 Select Type and Thickness4 Inch Bass Trap Multi-Panel Span OptionsOPTART644
    • Cardas Audio Kimber cable xlr to xlr
    Linking Rotel cd player to Rotel integrated amp
    • Rotel Rotel RCD-1520 CD Player

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Both of your sets of speakers are simply beautiful, each in their own way. I like your solid Rotel electronics as well. A nice common sense system.
And your artistic/rustic room is a nice place to hang out.


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