Refurbished and used makes this golden age of audio not only intriguing, but feasible on a shoestring budget. Grew up in Seattle and somewhat partial towards Carver and Sunfire. Blue Jean Cable throughout.

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    • Sunfire CRS-3C
    • Sunfire CRS-3
    • Monoprice Monolith 5 Channel X 200
    • Sony UBP-X700
    • APC H15
    • Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5HP x 2
    • Marantz Av-7704

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mjcmt - you must be telapathic! I’ve definitely been thinking about buying one on the used market. Prior to the recession I had a mint Sunfire Cinema Grand Architect II, but I eventually had to sell it given the times.


Really nice HT system and looks good too. As a Bob Carver fan I see a Sunfire multichanel amp in the future.


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