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Dimensions: 18’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Thiel CS2.4 SE, Tom Thiel optimized
    All OEM passive parts replaced. Clarity Cap CSA capacitors throughout (Multicap RTX bypasses on coax feeds, Custom Thiel bypass on coax shunt); ERSE and Jantzen coils (foil type on coax and woofer feeds); Mills MRA-12 resistors; Straightwire hookup wire on the crossovers; Cardas hookup wire on the crossover inputs and outputs; Cardas binding posts (configured for biwiring).
    • Ayre AX-5 Twenty
    Integrated amp; 125 W 8 ohms, 250 W 4 ohms.
    • Ayre QB-9 Twenty
    • Intel NUC 7iBNH, Roon optimized core kit
    Music server, 1.5 TB files, Qobuz streaming
    • Cardas Cables and interconnects
    • Kenwood KD-500
    Direct drive turntable, mounted with Micro-Benz ACE. Tonearm wiring replaced with Cardas.
    • Ayre Acoustics P-5x
    Phono stage, RCA in, XLR out

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Great looking room and system. Beautiful Speaker upgrades as well.
Are you bi-wiring your CS 2.4 loudspeakers?
Happy Listening!


Beautiful! room and system.  Happy Listening!