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Dimensions: 22’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 14’

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    • Auralic Vega
    upgraded new USB board to DSD256 model at factory
    • Tortuga Audio LDR1B.V2
    amazing pre, custom built with LPSU Deuland wire and Eichmann silver RCAs.

    2 in 2 ouput

    for sale!
    • Decware rachel
    EL34 SET up with ALL mods, UFO transformers, VCAPS, straight amp no volume control
    • PTP Solid10
    Peter's awesome Lenco table with Audiomods Series V
    • Audio Technica ART-7
    Very nice LOMC
    • Allnic Audio H-1201
    • Omega Speaker Systems Deep Hemp
    10" downfiring sub powered by Dayton plate amp 250w
    • Black Cat Cable LectraLine XE+
    silver speaker wire

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+1 on the front wall treatments!  Love to hear where they came from?  How do you like the DeepHemp sub?


Very nicely done! What are the treatment on the front wall behind the speakers. I could slide those past my wife.


Serious room treatments with measurements....nice stuff...good stuff...bravo


Thanks for your kind words. My room is probably overdamped but I love it, it's great fro reading. I still get some spider echo with a hand clap in certain areas due to the high ceiling and uncovered walls. Just reaearch the 1st Reflection points. I have a lot of absorption on back wall, and ceiling. Room sounds great but hopefully next will be even better! Speakers are a co-axial ZU UNION cube, they disappear and love their live tone. Horns and vocals are sublime on them.


Wow, those speakers look as if they are sub woofers. Looks like they are single driver full range? You have taken great efforts to treat the room. I can learn from you. So, did you use the REW software for measurements? How did you decided on the locations to place the treatments?
So looks like you moved to somewhere in Asia. Hope your new components are at least as good as the ones you are going to put up for sale. Good luck and enjoy your music!


Moving to a new home that is 240v vs 120v now, and ordered a whole system so all this is up for sale here on Audiogon shortly. Good excuse right?


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