David White at HiFi Buys in Atlanta put together bones of system. Since then have modded amp and added aftermarket Ethernet cables and power cords and supplies. System sings.

Room Details

Dimensions: 60’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 20’

Components Toggle details

    • AudioQuest NRG Edison Duplex Wall Outlet (15A)
    plug outlet
    • Furman Elite 20 PFi
    power conditioner, surge protector
    • Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000
    • Bluesound Vault 2
    streamer, NAS
    • Parasound JC-2BP
    • Parasound Halo A21
    amplifier, stock fuses replaced with HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses
    • Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT
    speakers, floorstanders, integrated subwoofer
    • GIK Acoustics Impression Series 6"
    4 narrow gobo panels, 1 in each back corner, which function as bass traps & 1 at each second reflection point on side walls

    2 regular gobo panels at first reflection point on front wall

    2 regular gobo panels at first reflection point on side walls
    • AudioQuest Hurricane HC
    power cord, one from amp to power conditioner and one from power conditioner to plug outlet
    • AudioQuest Hurricane LC
    power cord, one from pre-amp to power conditioner and one from DAC to power conditioner
    • Wireworld MiniElectra
    power cord, streamer/DAC to power conditioner
    • iFi Low Noise DC Power Supply
    linear power supply, from APS uninterruptible power supply to Ethernet switch
    • Wireworld Starlight 8
    Ethernet Cable, from wall port to streamer/DAC and from router to Ethernet
    • Netgear GS108 Gigabit Switch
    8-port Ethernet switch
    • DH Labs D-750
    digital IC, BNC to BNC, coax digital cable, from streamer to DAC
    • AudioQuest Earth XLR
    interconnects, balanced, from preamp to amp
    Earth replaced Yukon.
    • AudioQuest Rocket 88
    speaker cables, from amp to speakers, single bi-wire
    • Japanese Teaset
    cable elevator, lift speaker cables off floor
    • AudioQuest Pegasus
    1 m, XLR, IC; from DAC to pre-amp
    Pegasus replaced Earth
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA

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Gracias! Parasound gear definitely punch above their weight.


Beautiful system!  I love Parasound Halo w/ Vandy!


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