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This is a simple system that happens to sound really good.  The speakers are 11' apart and 10' from the listening position...tweeters out and three feet from the rear wall but angled to cross at the listening position.

The room a very large open concept room, 1200 square feet with 10' ceilings.  It is tile on concrete with drywall and glass sliders construction with no treatments, but there is a rug between the speakers and listening position. There is 21' of open space behind the listening position to the rear wall.

No streaming or vinyl...only CD through the Oppo 205 preamp outs into the Pass XA25.  The 32 bit digital volume control with the 24 bit dac is able to play the LRS+ at a comfortable listening level of 80db (there is much more available) at somewhere in the 21 bit far above CD quality.  Total blackness/zero noise.

All of this combined results in a massive soundstage, really good detail, plenty of dynamics and zero definition of musicality.

Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Magnepan LRS+
    The Magnepan LRS+ replaced the Spatial Audio M3 Sapphires which replaced the Salk Veracity STs...all amazing in their own right.

    The Maggies run full range and are helped by the PSA 15" sealed sub crossed at 80hz.

    The legendary Magnepan clarity, imaging and dimensionality are on full display in my room!
    • OPPO 205 Disc Player
    The DAC in the 205 - a classic and still one of the best.  I'm using it as both player, dac and preamp connected directly to the amplifier; amazing clarity, tonality & soundstage.
    • Power Sound Audio S1500 Subwoofer
     This is a 15" sealed subwoofer...a hidden gem, fast, deep and great tone.  It is currently sitting on the sidelines as the Sapphires don't really need any bottom end support.
    • Pangea Audio Power Cable Ac 14se
    Power Cables for Oppo, Pass & Power Sound Audio
    • Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Audio Cables (RCA)
    Like the other components in my system, I only make a change when I hear an improvement...and so far, I still prefer the Blue Jeans.
    • Home Crafted Speaker Cables

    I used fshielded ofc cable, 4 wire, crossed the opposite 14awg wires to create 11awg legs and then attached Sewell 2 screw bananas.  These cables sound as good as any commercial cable I've ever tried.

    • Pass Labs XA-25
    What can you say, this amp is legendary.  Dead quiet, totally revealing, massive soundstage and more powerful than you think.
    • Schiit Audio Kara Preamp
    The Kara is a really good sounding preamp.  No, I don't like the power switch on the back...but I do like the pass through mode, the gain stage with 0 gain mode and the 12db gain mode.  No, clicks, pops or other sounds through the speakers when the amp is on.  Tremendous detail and depth.  Two thumbs up!

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I have owned Digital Amplifier amps from the beginning including the Cherry. I now have Tommy’s Golden Cherry mono blocks. They are very articulate . Your comments are solidifying my decision to by a used pair of Salk Verasity HT3’s. I have a pair of Quad 63’s And Ohm 3000’s. This gives me three very different speaker systems.


JO... thanks...the room is slightly toward the “live” end of the spectrum... which to my ears is a good thing as it adds to the ambience.


MJ... as I’m sure you have seen... there are two professional reviews of the Lores which do a good job of describing the Lore sound.  I find them to be very engaging... pretty detailed top to bottom... huge sound stage...and realistically able to transport the musicians into your home. 

They need a good 100-200 hours to sound their best... and like many loudspeakers they will sound better if you feed them through better equipment. 


I like the fact the stereo blends into you living space instead of dominating it.
Your Tekon speakers look intriguing. I casually hunting for high-efficiency speakers and have been thinking of the Zu Audio Omen 2 or Klipsch Heresy III, but the Lores are half the price. I wonder how good they are.


Gorgeous home and nice looking well balanced system. I would suggest investigating room treatments you have a lot of hard reflective surfaces in your room. Looks great though!


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