Room Details

Dimensions: 43’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Audio-gd Master 1
    Class-A preamplifier
    • Audio-gd R-8
    Fully Discrete R-2R Resistor Ladders DAC
    • Magna Hifi Mano Ultra
    Music streamer over i2s
    • miniDSP DDRC-88A
    Dirac Live® correction DSP with DDRC-88BM upgrade
    • Audio-gd Master 3
    Power amplifier
    • Thiel Audio CS2.4
    Upgraded crossovers with Jantzen parts
    • LG Electronics 65EF950V
    Oled TV
    • Panasonic DMP-UB700
    Blu-Ray player
    • Marantz SR7010
    AV amplifier with Auro-3D upgrade
    • nVidia Shield Pro
    Media player
    7 channel AV power-amp
    • KEF R200C
    Center loudspeaker
    • Klipsch RP-250S
    Rear Surround loudspeakers
    • Klipsch R-14S
    Front / Rear Height loudspeakers
    • Logitech Harmony Elite + HUB
    Remote control
    • DIY Subwoofer
    Dual opposed 15 inch subwoofer with Dayton RSS390HO-4 woofers
    • Crown Audio DriveCore XLS 1502
    1550W Bridge Mode subwoofer power amp
    • Sennheiser HD 650
    • Synology NAS 214+
    NAS 8TB
    • miniDSP Balanced kit
    Subwoofer DSP

Comments 4

I love Thiels. Very nice system.

Can you talk about the differences in sound you heard after upgrading the crossover parts?


Beautiful!  Thanks for sharing, never seen Thiels in high gloss black - they are gorgeous, also cool you're sharing the xover mods.  Happy listening indeed!


Thanks jafant :)


Beautiful! System holco.  Your CS 2.4 loudspeakers look elegant in Black gloss.

Happy Listening!


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