Upgraded to my man Cave.. New to my system is a Sonore Ultrarendu powered by a LPS 1 power supply filtered thru a USB Regen going to my New Mcintosh C2700 Dac.. and a MicroRendu powered by a LPS 1 power supply filtered thru USB Regen going  to my Project S2 MQA DAC.. Now with Roon now been display on a new Sony XBR950G 4kTV..
Entire system is outfitted with Audioquest earth XLR interconnects and Oak Speaker cables...
This is my Man Cave/Zen/Comfort zone 2ch setup.. 
This is where i go when i wan to get a way.. 
Thee most peaceful place in my house.. Here i have all i need music music music...
Tv is use to display Albun and artist info when playing music thru Roon..

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Hanss Acoustics T-20 Turntable
    Kuzma  Stogi Ref Tonearm
    Triangle Art TA Zeus MC Cartridge
    • McIntosh C-2700
    Tube Preamp
    • McIntosh MC 601 x 2 Mono Blocks
    Power Amplifiers
    • McIntosh MPC 1500
    Power conditioner
    • McIntosh MCD-1100
    SACD player
    • Mcintosh Men 220
    Room Correction
    • Triangle Speakers Astriale EZ
    3 Way Tower speaker
    • Apple Mac Mini
    Mac Mini with Roon Core runing Tidal/Qobuz Music Server
    • Solid Tech Hybrid rack system
    Audio Rack
    • AudioQuest Interconnects
    Audio-quest Earth XLRs thru out the system, NGR 10 Power cables and Audio-quest OAK 2.5m Speaker cables Diamond and coffee Usb..
    • Definitive Technology Super cube III
    10 inch stereo subs
    • Sonore UltraRendu 2.7
    Streaming network bridge
    • Pro-ject S2 Pre Box Digital MQA DAC/Preamp
    Pro-ject S2 Digital MQA DAC/Preamp
    • Uptone USB Regen x2
    USB Signal filter
    • Sonore MicroRendu 2.7
    Streaming Network bridge
    Streaming Box

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Hi, nice things going on

U say below that u prefer 452 over 601/611?  And unhave 611?  

I am looking at 611 vs 462.


Hello Mr. Royale,
Nice rig and dual subs are the way to reality, love it.
Custom McIntosh handles you saw in my photos. There was a message board and McIntosh dealer, Ivan from Massachusetts, making them but has stopped because his machine shop was not consistent.
I have a machine shop that built my glass & aluminum amp racks (to float the amps perfectly over the two REL G2 subs, that can easily do handles.
The only thing I would strongly suggest is to send them the existing side bars. The side bars come off VERY easily, just two recessed screws on each.
My machinst is John Nightingale [email protected] in Virginia.


Let's hear it for perfect symmetry!  Nice work!


Hey Hifiman please elaberate on how those Greek appollon work our for you... I had the same thought.. at the time I purchase my speakers they where been demoed with those same amps at the Florida audio show back in Feb.. I ordered a pair of those amps and never worked out... still waiting for them to come in..


Thx.. the MPC1500 is a great peice.. I find it to do a better job than the furman 20i i had previously.. all my equipment is filter thru it.. there are four outlet for the heavy duty stuff..


Very nice indeed. Bi-amp is often a nice upgrade that can be less costly than switching to mono blocs. How would you describe the MPC1500 impact on the overall performance  ? Do you use it for  source and pre-amp only or also for the amp ? Happy to hear from you as I am considering purchasing one myself.


Thx Nivek....


Hats off to you sir. Proof that hard work pays dividends. The MEN system will work wonders for your room.


That's correct.. my TV display roon album art a d videos from tidal..
Your TV  have be chromecast ready or you can use a chromecast dongle
In your roon end point zone setting click on the speaker icon and u will see the chrome cast at device. Select display upon start up or display now. Hope I was I was clear enough. Good luck..


 TV to see Roon info!? Great!  How do you do that? What connected to what with what? Please be specific, as I am not very smart. But I do have fun. And seeing Roon info on the big screen will be fun for everyone! Thanks!


I would definitely recommend getting the MEN220. It will allow using two subwoofers in stereo, and , more importantly, will match the phase of the subwoofers to the main speakers without having to have them positioned right next to the main speakers. This allows optimum placement for the best woofer placement for flattest low frequency response, and a very smooth transition from the subs to the main speakers. It has worked wonders for blending subs to Magnepans and Meadowlark speakers. I used the 12dB/octave slope with crossover at about 45 Hz.


Someone may have already mentioned it or possibly you’ve inquired over in the forum.  Room treatment first, then room correction.  I’ve ran the MEN220, sweet piece of equipment.  Basically a Lyngdorf in a McIntosh shell.  But, my room SQ improved immensely once I addressed the issues with room treatment, then added correction.  I run the DEQX unit now, vs. the MEN220.  Two completely different approaches to room correction.  The MEN is straight forward and fairly user friendly.  The DEQX is not for the faint of heart, but the results do supersede what the MEN can do.


Oh no I have plenty of bass.. I have a stereo sub set up along with my towers..
Reason for Men220 correction would be for any issues my room might have that I cant hear or that can be improve..


Hey Hifiman.. i find the 601s / 611s  dont have the seperation and imaging im looking for.. The 452 are a sweeter sounding amps.. Also I was not looking to just having to 452s I was going down the biamp road, and wanted to drive speakers with two seperate amplifier.. however since then I came up with a better thought of putting two Greek Tsakridis Apollon tube mono blocks on the high end, and the 452 on the low...


Thx doug..


Thx b_limbo..


Nice room and same size as mine. I am getting close to buying some larger speakers for my room (to replace KEF LS50). I was wondering if you are having any bass issues with your room? Is that the reason for the MEN-220?


Nice setup! May I recommend as an alternative considering 2 x MC611 (the 600W monoblocks) instead of a second MC452. I have two MC601s (predecessor to the MC611) driven by a C2300 (predecessor to your C2600).They are a fantastic combo and in my setup at least, an improvement over the MC452 - a friend has the latter and we have done a direct comparison, swapping out the power amps. Two of my local McIntosh dealers believe the difference could be down to dedicated power supplies per channel with the monoblocks, versus a shared power supply between the stereo channels in the MC452. Your McIntosh dealer might take the MC452 as a trade-in, if you don't want to sell it yourself.


Your room looks terrific. It calmed me down just looking at the photo.  Doug


Your room looks awesome.  Very nice!


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