Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • PrimaLuna Evo 300 preamplifier
    Vintage Mazda CIFTES in center position 
    • Van Alstine DVA 600 SET monoblock amplifiers
    600w @ 8 ohm, 1200w @ 4 ohm
    • Rega RP-10
    Washi slip mat
    • Herron Audio VTPH-2A phono stage
    • Revox B77 MKII reel to reel
    Restored by "" in 2022
    • Nakamichi ZX-7 Cassette deck
    Serviced by Willy Hermann in 2021
    • Rotel RCD-855 CD player
    With TDA1541
    • Marantz SA-8004
    Sacd player
    • Bluesound Node 2i streamer
    Bluejeans cat 6 cable from gateway/router
    • Rega DAC
    • Focal Sopra N°3
    • REL Acoustics S3/SHO Stereo pair subs
    • Furman Elite-15 PFi
    • Mogami Interconnects
    2497 from the Herron to the Primaluna preamp and out from the Primaluna to the Van Alstine converter
    2964 for the remaining interconnects. 
    Gold balanced cables to the monoblocks 
    Eminence locking connectors
    • Canare 4S11
    3 foot speaker cables
    • GIK Acoustics Bass traps, gobos, clouds
    • Vito Acoustic Diffusion panels
    • Creek Audio T-43 Tuner
    • Rega Aphelion MC
    • Van Alstine DVA R2X
    Single to differential converter (balanced}
    • Herbies audio lab Tube dampers
    • Isoacoustics Isopucks
    • Hea 10 awg power cords
    • APC Voltage regulating transformers
    Pair of APC voltage regulating transformers for incoming power
    • Herbie's Audio Lab Fat Gliders
    • TeddyPardo MiniTeddy lps
    Linear power supply for Bluesound Node 2i

Comments 19

Very nice setup! The Focals are gorgeous!






That ain't mid-fi, dude.  It's immaculate attention to detail.  What a beautiful room to live in.

I'm most curious about the diffusers behind your Focals.  They're gorgeous.


You've got  some very cool equipment, not to mention a very  nice camera, and the ability to use it.

Well Done!



Nice room treatment


Thank you. I will experiment with toe in on the subs this weekend.


Congrats on your "System of the Week" honors, much deserved!


Lovely set up, visually appealing and I’m sure the Focals sounds great!
I notice you have your subs angled in to your mains. In my experience when the subs are angled in to the mains the sound staging MAY be effected by the angle of the subs ( and yes, I am aware that below 100hz, bass is considered omni-directional.)  I suggest you try aligning the subs in parallel with the mains (even if they are still set back from the mains) and listen while paying close attention for imaging shifts, you may wind up with a wider and fuller sound stage. 


Beautiful system and set up, nice to see the old lady didn't get everything !!!!


Nice job setting up your listening and viewing pleasure.  Looks like a nice bourbon and a good LP are in your future for some time to come.


Great setup! It looks like we’re going down a similar path. I’ve got Aria 936s, Rel S5 SHO, and a Node 2i. Getting ready to audition a PrimaLuna Evo 400 and Naim streamer as soon as I get some room treatments up. I might steal your idea of putting diffusers in the windows of my new room. How do you like the SQ of the Node 2i in your setup?


Nice!  Makes me want to replace/improve the photos of my system.  Did you have one sub before you had two?  If so, how did the second one enhance the experience?


Very nice set up


Thanks, good to know, I've been wondering about the efficacy of different designs for diffusers and agree the Vito's are darn cool and visual aesthetics are important!


The white GIK diffusers/traps, yes.
The Vito acoustic panels, not so much, but they look damn cool! Some of my system is snake oil (the 6 dollar plastic rebar chair cable risers I bought at Ace Hardware) , but the visual presentation is as important to me as the sound. 


Excellent room, must be a very enjoyable place to listen to some great tunes!  Great job optimizing the listening without impinging on the livability factor.  Cool use of lamps for acoustic and lighting needs - CB2 I think? I have to ask, can you hear a difference with the use/placement of the two types of diffusion panels?


Very Cool! Like your taste in music.


I Love it!  Looks awesome.  Nice equipment.  I like the planning done beforehand.  Well Done!


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