Updated 5-10-20: I've uploaded a small video tour on YouTube:

So this is my first real system. Nothing to fancy but so far I enjoy. I still have yet to get a more dedicated CD Transport or Player and better interconnects.

I have a tendency and attraction to sometimes go with things that are not as common, hence my choice with the Vincent Integrated Amp and Questyle DAC.

At first, I was worried the Vincent would not be a good match for the Martin Logan's or provide enough power, since the Logan's are 4 ohms. But I was quite pleasantly surprised that the Vincent provides good solid room filling power to the Logan's. I originally wanted to get the big brother SV-237 MK but it was a bit out of the price range. I think a little down the road, I am going to try a Vincent Power Amp and see how that goes.

For the DAC, as I was discovering more about high res music, I realized that besides converting my CD's to Flac and listening to higher res music through Qobuz, I really wanted to experience DSD and that search led me to the Questyle Headphone Amp/DAC with their claims of Pure DSD (no pcm conversion). So I gave it a chance. I use it strictly as a DAC, I do not really use the headphone functions. Now, I have not really had a chance to listen to other DAC's but I have to say, the music that I do feed it, sounds quite nice, at least in my opinion. Especially DSD. I am quite happy with it.

I went with the Martin Logan's pretty much because I was able to see them and hear them in person and they fell within my price range too. I also listened to some B&W's but still preferred the Logan's. I also liked the metal grille versus the soft cloth style grilles on almost all other speakers. 

My next upgrades will be a better CD Player or Transport. Leaning towards the Yamaha CDS1000 or Denon DCD 1600NE since I want to retain SACD Capability. 

Also need to upgrade to better cables (slowly but surely).

Thanks for taking a peek.

Room Details

Dimensions: 11’ × 20’  Medium
Ceiling: 15’

Components Toggle details

    • Vincent SV-500
    Hybrid Integrated Amp
    80 Watts into 4 Ohms
    • Martin Logan Motion 40
    Tower Speakers
    4 Ohms
    Ribbon Tweeter
    • Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Studiodeck
    Mofi Studiodeck Turntable
    • Questyle CMA 400i
    Headphone Amp/DAC
    • Simaudio 110LP V2
    Phono Preamp
    • Generic Custom PC
    PC that I built to for high res music playback (Flac, DSD, Qobuz)

    Intel i5, 500GB SSD Drive, Bluray Player, 16GB Ram
    • Isotek Evo 3 Sirius
    Power Bar
    • High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5
    Power Conditioning Plug
    • AudioQuest Type 4
    Speaker Cables
    • AudioQuest NRG-Y3
    Power Cables
    • Hana SL MC
    Hana SL MC Catridge
    • Denon DBP-1611UD
    Universal Bluray Player used as a CD Transport (for now)
    • Denon DRS-810
    Cassette Deck

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Thanks for your comments on my system, Jay. I want to get a Mofi too.



I like my Motion 40's very much. I originally wanted the 60XT but couldn't bring myself to pay the extra $1000! I have come to realize for my room, these are perfectly fine and I do not feel I am lacking in the base department. 

In fact, I listen to all my music with Tone Controls Defeated and still feel I have enough base for my tastes.

I do love the look of the Logan's, as you stated, they are finished very nicely and look beautiful, I really like the metal grilles and keep them on all the time. Even though it is just my wife and I in our house, I am afraid if I take the grilles off, something will happen and puncture the speakers. I am paranoid I guess, LOL.

I like the clarity and warmth of the Logan's. I could only compare it to entry level Elacs and some B&W's at Best Buy. I think the B&W's might have been a bit on the bright side for me.

So far I am loving them.



So far I like the Vincent very much. I compared it the following 3 before I made my official decision within my own system, Rogue Audio Sphinx V2, Primare I22 and my own Denon AVR-5700.

I did not hear a dramatic difference between all the amps, I feel they were all very close (at least within my system and my room) and so I stayed with the Vincent since that is the one I really wanted. Perhaps my desire for it affected my perception for it but I really feel there was not a big difference.

As I stated in my description, I was afraid it would not have enough power for the Logan's but I only need to turn up the volume a little bit and I get desirable sound and sound-stage. 

I am coming up on a year almost and so far have been enjoying it. Although, I do feel I have enough power for my room I am curious about the Vincent Sp-332 Power Amplifier and so a little down the road, I think I will try it out and use my SV-500 as a Pre-Amp and see how that works out.

I feel the Vincent provides nice clarity with Digital and Analog Music and has a good sound-stage. 

But of course, I do not have experience with a lot of different equipment so I can't compare it to many systems out there.


How do you like to Motion 40's?  I also compared these to similarly priced Bower and Wilkins and the Logan's won hands down.  I think the ribbon tweeter brings the music to life much more so than the B&W.  The finish on the Logan's is also much nicer.  Seems like Martin Logan gives you more speaker for the dollar.  The bass is decent but I'm using a matching ML subwoofer which enables the deeper notes and provides wonderful texture with the low frequencies that's missing with the towers alone in my opinion.  While I like these my dream speakers are the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 3. Maybe a retirement gift to myself in a few years, hopefully!


Nice. What's your thoughts on the Vincent? Almost bought one before buying full tube amp instead. Vincent's SS amp section looked just average from photos.


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