The living room is in transition from a full Dynaco tube setup to a high powered SS room thanks to the recent purchase of an AT1506.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Vifa - Scan Speak 28W/4878T Revelator 11" Subwoofer
    Placed in a 0.98 cu ft sealed MDF box
    • ADS L1290
    • ATI AT1506
    • miniDSP 4x10 HD
    • Dynaco PAS 3x
    • Music Hall MMF-5.1
    • Ortofon MAGIC 3
    • Apple iPhone
    just connected this to DAC in the miniDSP (SPDIF)
    • Schiit Audio Bifrost Multibit

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