I'm a classical music and opera zealot, and this is my temple of relaxation. Like everyone's temple, it's evolving. I have 9,000+ CDs.  95% are classical and opera, all handpicked performances and many out of print. In a closet: 4% cool jazz and west coast jazz, and 1% everything else. I don't do vinyl because only a fraction of the performances I want are available at reasonable prices, and most not available at all. Plus, not all vinyl beats all CDs with a decent DAC.

I caught the audiophile bug in the early '90s. My system has included Pass, Dunlavy, Meridian, JL subs, Melos, and Schitt. I've loved almost all of it. One day I shall convert my basement into a speakeasy and reinstall my beloved Dunlavy and Pass system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 11’

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    • Martin Logan Renaissance ESL15A
    Superb for classical music
    • OPPO UDP-203
    • Benchmark DAC3 HGC
    Works as a DAC + Preamp
    • Benchmark AHB2
    Bridged as a monoblock, one per speaker
    • Mogami Gold int
    50' balanced from DAC/PreAmp to Amps
    • AudioQuest Rocket 44 spk
    3' speaker cables
    • SurgeX SA-15
    One surge protector per speaker and amp
    • Tripp Lite Isobar 4-Outlet Surge Protector
    Isobar 4-Outlet Surge Protector for Oppo and DAC

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Music Haven


Forget the system, I am in love with custom shelving &! Gorgeous room with a beautiful system. The solution to your storage problem, rip bulk of your CD’s to a SSD. Buy something like Aurender ACS100, which offers upto 8TB of storage. I’ve been enjoying rips of over 800 CD’s into my Aurender and still kept about 200 plus CD’s (mostly Japanese) that are rare finds. 



Woots, on the Martin Logan’s, I love the detailed resolution across the audio spectrum. When I listen to a 107 instrument Mahler symphony, I want to hear the flute, kettle drums and harps clearly at fortissimo without it becoming a sonic mess. The soundstage is huge and the MLs disappear.


Great set up.  I have the same Martin Logan's.  What do you like most about them?  I love your CD set up.


System added to favorites!


Thanks for your comment mewsickbuff. Yes, I try to keep the room 'clean.' Fortunately my home is big enough where others may gather elsewhere, but I wouldn't call this a dedicated sound room or man cave with sun light.


Yours is the first room I've seen without equipment in between the speakers (which I understand to be a audiophile rule, but seldom achieved). The room's decor is inviting and beautiful.


Thanks! Yes, butt indentation reveals the sweet spot.


I absolutely love your room. I think having great set up of gear is just 50% of the enjoyment. The other 50%, is the room, decor, view etc. Well done Sir!


I love how your cd library looks like an old library; very cool.  Your focal point outside your terrace is awesome.  Looks like a beautiful place to spend time!


Gorgeous room and impressive CD collection! Looks like quite the system! And I can see from the lean in your couch cushions that like me your sweetspot is right in the crack. :p


Wow! Beautiful digs!


Very nice system and beautiful room! I love your CD storage rack utilizing your 11' ceiling. My Vinyl gets preferred treatment and stays inside my house so my CD's unfortunately have to stay in the garage:(


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