Simple and satisfying system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Rega Planar 8
    Planar 8 with Nagaka cartridge and upgraded sub platter, platter and Derlin sleeve.
    • Denafrips Pontus II r2r
    Denafrips Dac.
    • Atoll Electronics IN200SE
    Fully upgraded integrated amp.
    • Fyne F501
    Fantastic Scottish speakers.
    • Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun
    All clear day cables
    • Acoustic Zen Pure copper interconnect
    • Aurorasound VIDA Prima Phono Stage Amplifier
    • Magnepan 3.7i
    Swapping between my beloved Magnepan and boxed speakers Fyne audio.
    • Hana Hana SL MC cartridge

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My mate has the Fyne 502SP and they're a very good speaker. Beat speakers twice their price. 

I sure hope you don't listen to them set up against the wall like that? Please, do your ears a favour and pull those speakers away from the wall. Get some Herbie sliders if you need to put them back after a listening session but do change that set up. Set up this way, you haven't heard half of what those speakers are capable of.

Good luck,



Very nice system!  How do you like your Fyne speakers?


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