This is my dedicated listening room.  I listen to music during the week, and we watch movies on the weekend.  Although room dimensions are small, the soundstage and presentation is dynamic and large.

The EVS dac (prototype) by Ric Schultz is one of a kind.  Sitting down for CDs is always fun.  The Sony 707 disc drawer snaps shut in the blink of an eye.  If I want a specific track, it's a single button on the remote.  Then the music blooms from pure silence.

My local friend (cytocycle) showed me how to streamline an audio system.  I've been able to make system changes more easily, now that the sound is more transparent.  I replaced Aleph monoblocs with the Sanders Magtech.  I also replaced Cerious Graphene Extreme speaker cables with Galibier Wind River.  

It took some time to arrive at the pairing of speaker + amp.  Mivera was low-power, and not really musical to my ears.  Aleph 3 monoblocks have a sweet sound, but not enough power!  The Maggie 1.7i will gobble up all the current you throw at it.

I hope this helps other Magnepan 1.7i owners, who are also on the journey to dialing in their systems.

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    • Magnepan 1.7i
    * Mye Stands
    * Hifi tuning fuse
    * Cardas tweeter jumper
    * Cardas adapters for spade connection
    • Sanders Sound Systems Magtech
    I think the Magtech helps the Magnepans sound better.  The 1.7i will take the delivery current, and bass improves noticeably.  

    This amp also does not get as hot as previous amps (Pass Labs Aleph.)
    • EMM Labs Switchman Mk2
    This solid state pro audio tool is the right solution for 2-channel and surround sound combination rooms.  I use it primarily for volume control of the EVS dac.
    • EVS Ric's handmade dac
    This dac uses an Ultra Analog 20400 chipset.  It was hand-built by Ric Schultz.  There are separate power supplies and hard-wired power cords, in separate boxes.  It came with a large Mapleshade wood slab as well.  

    It sounds out of this world good.

    For more information, Ric's description of this DAC is here (hand made DAC-1)
    • Sony CDP-707esd
    CD transport used with DAC.  I think everything written about this Sony player is true.
    This link will take you to a fun read:

    It seems way overbuilt - nearly 50 pounds!
    • EVS Oppo UDP-205
    Modded Oppo 205 by Ric Schultz.  He worked his magic on the output stage, power supply, and around the transport.  In my system, this removed all the treble/top-end digital glare.  Probably the last major piece of the puzzle for my HT system for a while.
    • Teo Audio Game changer RCA interconnect
    These are doubled-up (Schroeder) from the dac to the preamp.  Singles between the preamp and amp.  KBK really hit a home run with these cables.
    • Galibier Design Wind River speaker cables
    I was lucky to find some prototypes of Thom Mackris' cables.  I've owned Auditorium 23 in a tube system.  His cables are full-range, and present everything with clarity and presence.
    • Seaton Sound Submersive 15" subwoofer
    I use the Seatons during movie playback.  I bought them on recommendation from a friend who built his own subs.

    The subwoofers pressurize the room so much, it feels like the side window will pop out during movie explosions.
    • Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10
    Power cable for the Oppo 205, and EMM Labs Switchman
    • Equi=Tech Son of Q Junior
    The balanced power conditioner used for the Sony and Oppo.
    • DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033
    Low-frequency room correction device used for the Seaton Subs.  It removed a lot of boominess, and the bass blends in with the Maggies for movie soundtracks.
    • Bob Crump SLVR
    Power cable for the Sanders Magtech amp
    • LG Electronics CF-181D
    Home theater projector.  Its colors were good enough for me to switch from a CRT projector.  It is much more quiet and cool than the Electrohome Marquee.
    • Meridian M33
    Powered monitor speakers.  There are four of these in the room, connected to the Oppo for movie surround sound.  I really like these compact loudspeakers.
    • Blue Jeans Cable RCA and HDMI
    I picked Blue Jeans for the home theater cables.  They are economical, and well-built.
    The RCAs connect Meridian surrounds to the Oppo.  The HDMI is a 30-40 foot run, to the projector at the back-top of the room.
    • Bybee Technologies Golden Goddess
    Bybee power cord for the EMM labs preamp.

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Awesome setup!  I want 1.7i’s in a bad way 😀


Thanks!   I need to include a few more components, and finish adding details and photos.


Really great small room media system. Congrats!


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