The first photo is of my current system configuration, QRD17 diffusers, with the Lenehan Audio ML2 stand mount speakers with springs between them and the stands. There's also springs on the sub, the linear power supply and under the amplifier atop the white granite slab.
Speaker wires and interconnects are all wide copper foil.
Fanless 8 watt commercial grade fanless PC > Geiseler GroB DAC > Datasat RA2400 (2 x 400w) > Lenehan Audio Ultimate ML2 stand mount speakers.

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    • Lenehan Audio ML2 Ultimate
    Duelund cast VSF capacitors, (Duelund silver oil bypass caps)
    Shunting caps: Jenson Superior Z-cap (Duelund silver oil bypass caps)
    Duelund resistors,
    Ribbontek internal wiring,
    4mm steel plate lining the top, baffle and side walls of enclousure.
    Cardas solder, on all point to point connections.
    Rear tuning bay for final measurements and calibration.
    Bybee bullets on inputs of drivers
    • Lenehan Audio ML1 Reference
    Duelund VSF capacitor,
    Duelund silver oil bypass caps on all three caps (shunting as well),
    Used two Jensen Jenson Superior Z-caps to get the correct value required
    Hand wound air cored inductors,
    Duelund cast resistors,
    Ribbontek internal wiring,
    4mm steel plate on tops, and side walls (no room or need on the thick baffle)
    Pure copper spade terminals
    Pure copper driver mounting screws (correctly torqued)
    • Datasat RA-2400
    400W / channel stereo
    fully balanced
    • Lenehan Audio RibbonTec Balanced Interconnects
    Ribbon copper, copper pin XLR connectors
    • Streacom, ASRock, Samsung SSD Custom built music server
    Streacom case, ASRock commerical grade integrated 2Ghz 4 core Intel CPU fanless motherboard. Ripjaws laptop RAM. Completely fanless music server with external linear power supply.
    • DIY project QRD 17 (plans from Acoustic Fields)
    solid cherry wood QRD 17 diffusers.

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Thank You for the information @rixthetrick.
The interface on my Foobar is the Eole Theme and it is the best out there. Here is the link for you:


The HD Plex 300W has four voltage outputs, I am using the 18VDC from it.
The plugs supplied fit directly into the barrel connector on the mainboard.
All the plugs are unmodified to fit directly into each of the connectors and there are a lot of selections/ mix and matches available.

I like the interface on your foobar player, is that a skin or plugin?


Wow....I think we have similar choices. So, I too have been using the Fidelizer for the past year and love it. Not tried the Audio Optimizer though.
Which 19V DC power supply do you use? I have purchased the HDPLEX 400W DC to go inside the Streacom box, and will need to power it with a 19V supply.


It's an 8W integrated commercial twin core Intel fanless mainboard.
I had a custom copper heat sink machined for it, and I use 19VDC for the board, 5VDC for the two SSD (one for Win Server 2013 R2 and software, the bigger strictly for music files) and 5VDC for my J-Cat Femto USB card.

What really makes it work great, is the software. Phil's Audio Optimizer, JPlay Femto and Fidelizer Pro.


Was looking at members who have built their own music servers, since I will be starting my build soon. I see that you have the Streacom case. I have ordered a Streacom FC10 Alpha case. Your build looks impressive. What configuration for CPU/RAM/Mobo? That HDPlex is hard to come by.


cymbop - Oh behave! Thanks mate.

devilboy - yeah everything's on the floor, until I build an isolation rack.
Ape with headphones, lovin'it thanks.


Those crossovers are dead sexy.  Very nice job, Rix!


Nice approach! Interesting system.
Enjoy that ape painting, btw! 


Love the springs. More springs!


Thanks Scott,
I think it's a good start on the budget allowed (I'm married with a mortgage),
and I have a lot of work to get my listening room up to the level of the equipment I've accumulated.

I had to go look, your system looks pretty tidy too. Your room is huge, and your massive couch is room treatment in itself :-)


Great system. Your speakers look fantastic, excellent job. Welcome to the USA.




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