Second fully analogue System around the BAT components with Hales Transcendece 8 Speaker instead of the former Genesis Technology II.5 speaker.

Room tuning with Shun Mook and Acoustic System

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Balanced Audio Technology VK120
    VK 120 Monoblock with
    seleceted Mullard ECC 34 pre tubes
    Mullard 6SN7GTY driver tubes
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK 50
    VK 50 Preamp
    with Amperex  6922
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK P10
    Tube Phono Stage
    with Amperex 6922
    • Hales Design Group Transcendence 8
    • Simon Yorke Simon Yorke Designs S7
    Simon Yorke Designs S7 turntable with Benz Micro Lp open very low special
    • Nordost Nordost Valhalla
    All XLR connections Nordost Valhalla
    • Synergistic Research Designers Reference
    All AC Cable - Synergistic Research Designers Reference AC Master Coupler
    • Combak Corporation TU-201

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Which tweeters do you have in your Hales? I see that they are not stock. I replaced the stock tweeters in my Hales T5’s speakers with Seas Millennium tweeters with good results. I also had my crossovers redone with much better parts. I am pleased with the results and don’t plan on changing my Hales.


Beautiful system congratulations!



I've been looking for a pair of Hales T-8 and would like to let you know if you ever decide to sell them to please reach out to me. I live in Grand Rapids Michigan and you can reach me at six one six eight five six one one three three.



Very nice selection of equipment that seems well thought out. The Hales speakers are beautiful, Congrats!


Well done buying the Simon Yorke.  Did you buy it from Simon or in the after-market?

I have an S4 Zarathustra (suspended).  I had an S7 bought from Simon; then upgraded to an S10 with Aeroarm (parallel tracking on air bearing) bought from Simon 11 years ago.  This plays wonderfully.  I am told mine is one of only three customer Aeroarms sold before Simon stopped making turntables, 'got out' of the industry like Hales.

Enjoy your music!


What are the racks?


I would've like to see/hear more about the room tuning since you mentioned it. Trying to learn more about it and want to see what others are doing. Love the system and thank you for specifying the tubes you have installed.


Nice Hales. To bad that guy got out, could have been a giant in the industry...


Nice Hales. To bad that guy got out, could have been a giant in the industry...


I really like the photos of your turntable.  Very nice, and the rest of your system looks fantastic, too.


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