This is the product of my first year of getting into the audio community. Starting with finding the CR-2020 and a pair of KLF-10s last winter. From there I was hooked, and made my way up to what you see here. Also have a pair of KLF-20s as well.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Klipsch KLF-30
    Bought from original owner of 21 years. Late production model in light oak, flawless veneer, rarely used by original owner, no rattles of any kind. Sitting on custom made stands to keep them off the carpet.
    • Yamaha CR-2020
    Bought from original owner since 1977. Well maintained, no rust or corrosion. All service bulletins addressed.
    • Adcom GFA-5800
    Also from original owner. Well serviced, fans run smoothly and quietly.
    • Threshold FET Nine E
    Bought from original owner. Absolutely flawless.
    • OPPO BDP-95
    Bought new, used mainly for SACD playback.
    • Marantz 6100
    Nothing special, scratches on headshell. Works decently enough, fresh belts. Using and Ortofon FF15XE MK ii Cartridge.
    • Denon DP-47F
    Most recent pickup. Mint condition and working flawlessly with a brand new Ortofon LM-20 Cartridge.

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You're hooked. It's will never end now. LOL


Nice system, it brings back great memories for me, I once had a Yamaha CR2020! Loved it. Are you using it to help drive the Klip’s or just as a pre-amp cause you have that monster Advom? Also, you can never go wrong with Oppo!   Tim


Beautiful system 
I love KLF 30
I have two pairs of them and CF4 
Being only one Year you have make excellent choice to start off congratulations 🍾🎈🎊 ENJOY 😉 IT 


Very nice. I have a pair of KLF-10’s with Crites tweeters and crossovers. I haven’t listened to them in a while but I can tell you that the tweeters make a huge difference over the stock ones. What do you have your speakers standing on in the picture?


-subterranean6, I have played with the positioning a bit, having them out farther from the wall has helped quite a bit. I have also tried toeing them in just a tad, that makes a different sound, I think I prefer straight on the best.


Great system as a new audiophile.  Enjoy!


Love! Love! This system. Just speaks "I love music". Everything about your system makes me want to turn it up and rock!!


Very cool vintage system it looks great! And that Yamaha especially is eye candy I am in love with how it looks! Thanks for sharing.


Wow, you've had quite a year!! I love Adcoms, you've got gobs of power reserve on tap using efficient speakers like Klipsch. And I'll give a +1 to getting those speakers as far out as you can realistically live with; though I'm glad to see they at least have some breathing room already.

And as a rather frugal audiophile myself, finding 2nd hand gear is a very fun addiction. Not sure if that should be a warning or cheering you on... either way, get ready!


Awesome system. I love those big boxy speakers out in the room a little. Did you play around with the positioning at all?


Nice photos!  Elevate your speaker cables off the carpet, too.  You might hear an improvement by doing so.


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