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Dimensions: 12’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Musical Fidelity M6si
    • Denafrips Ares II
    • Anthem MRX-520
    • Lumin D-1
    • Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport
    • SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer
    • Hi Fi Racks DIY
    • Bonn N-8 Ethernet Switch
    • SVS PB2000
    • REL Acoustics T5x
    • REL Acoustics T7X
    • Auralic Taurus MkII
    • ATC SCM_19

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I have tinnitus also and it’s been there the last 30 years. It lets me know I am still alive. I’m about one week into taking GABA supplements and it is decreasing my symptoms. I will take the whole bottle and then make a judgment. It also makes me sleep later in the morning.

By the way, you have a nice rig and I hope you’re enjoying it. 


Nice system Tony!


Glad you are enjoying youre atc 19's...i have had mine for some time and continue to read they still get great press and are hard to beat.Especially for the new post covid price.Still look at other brands/that rock in the shoe has come out for me as well.Im using pipe insulation as well,works great.Read a review about m6 and it still has me looking at vistas that come up..Nice setup!!!


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Hi Tony,
Yours is the only other system I have seen using water pipe insulation as cable risers.  I think they work great for that and I also use them as spacers at points where two cables cross over each other.  Mine are not cut as neatly as yours :-)
Nice system - enjoy the bass response from your new AudioKinesis Swarm Subwoofer System! 



My apologies on the late response and my apologies regarding your inquiry.
The plinths you are asking about are nothing but two maple cutting boards with hockey pucks screwed to the bottom. I am also in a second floor apartment, but I have a concrete floor and the only thing under me is the fitness room.
This setup helped with the sound quality, but I have a long way to go with room treatments.


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What a beauty. It is sorely missing EPA-250 and EPC-270.


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Hi Tony,

Lovely system. Looks like a great place to sit and enjoy music and a bit of telly. I like the first photo of the whole system and the rack displays some excellent component choices.

May I ask what the plinths under the speakers are? I am thinking about a solution like that, although want to stay in a modest price range (some of this stuff is wicked expensive 😬). I am in a second floor apartment so it is a suspended wood floor so thinking that a solid plinth might be a good addition.



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