Living Room 2 Channel System. Audio with some video.
DSPeaker X4 Preamp DAC analog out to Cary SLP-88 Tube preamp essentially making the Cary a Tube Buffer in this configuration. NOS Raytheon Tubes from the early 1950's.
CD quality and Hi-Res FLAC and WAV files along with Qobuz Streamed through Bluesound Node 2i and Logitech Squeezebox Touch.
Room Correction provided by DSPeaker X4 and Acoustimac Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 22’  Large
Ceiling: 11’

Components Toggle details

    • DSPeaker X4
    Preamp DAC with Room Correction EQ
    • Cary Audio SLP-88
    Vacuum Tube Preamp with NOS Raytheon VT-231 6SN7 Tubes
    • Red Dragon Audio S500 Power Amplifier
    Class D Pascal Power Amplifier
    • OPPO BDP-95
    OPPO Universal Disc Player
    • Panasonic DMP-BDT500P
    Panasonic Blu-Ray Player
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Hi-Res Music Streamer
    • Logitech Squeezebox Touch
    Hi-Res Music Streamer
    • Revel Performa F206
    Revel Floorstanding Speaker Pair
    • PS Audio Quintessence
    PS Audio Line Conditioner Surge Protector
    • Acoustimac Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps
    Acoustimac Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps
    • Standesign Standesign 5
    Equipment Rack
    • MIT Cables Shotgun 3
    MIT Shotgun 3 RCA Interconnect Cables
    • MIT Cables AVt-2
    MIT AVT-2 Digital Coax Cable
    • Lifatec Silflex Glass Toslink Cable
    • Lifatec Silflex Glass Toslink Cable
    • MIT Cables AVt-2
    MIT AVT-2 Speaker Cables
    • Cullen Cable Cullen Crossover Power Cables
    Cullen Crossover Power Cables
    • Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC 10
    Power Cable
    • Pangea Audio AC 9SE MKII Signature Power Cable
    AC 9SE MKII Signature Power Cable
    • Raytheon VACUUM TUBES
    Raytheon VT-231 6SN7 NOS Tubes
    • Wireworld Starlight CAT8 Ethernet
    Wireworld Starlight CAT8 Ethernet cable on Node 2i
    Supra Ethernet Cables on Squeezebox Touch and PC

Comments 4

I don't really need the Cary preamp in this configuration. It is there to get tubes in the mix acting as a tube buffer as I really like what the NOS Raytheon tubes add to the sound although subtle.
The Squeezebox Touch will play up to 24/96 and the Bluesound will play 24/192 so it is needed and I keep the Touch because I really like the Logitech Media Server.
I am only listening to 2 channel for all sources including video. Toslink out from the TV to the X4. OPPO BDP-95 is analog and digital out to the X4.
No immediate plans for Roon Nucleus.


Why need for two preamp layers?  Is bluesound needed? Any thoughts about installing a roon nucleus?

How do you transition from stereo to ht?  I am trying to find a tube preamp with true bypass, ie tubes off when watching tv, etc.  looked at Cary but not a true bypass. 

Lots going on, fascinating.


Thanks b_limo!
The DSPeaker X4 is a big upgrade over the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core which it replaced in my system. Of course it should be as it is quite a bit more expensive. The X4 DAC outperforms the the Dual Core sounding smoother and a lot more refined and nuanced. The room correction software works great and is a must in my current room. It is very versatile with lots of options to fine tune the sound. 
It also has digital coax and toslink outputs so you can use a different DAC with it and still get the benefits of the room correction.


Nice set-up!

How is that dspeaker as a dac and how do you like the room correction software within the dac?  Im very interested in dspeaker room correction.


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