Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 40’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Wilson Audio Sasha DAW
    • Pass Labs X350.8
    • Pass Labs XP-30
    • Aesthetix Rhea Signature
    • Audience ADEPT RESPONSE AR-12
    • Theta Digital Casablanca 4a
    • OPPO UDP- 203
    • Meitner Audio MA3
    • Core Audio Designs plyKraft 4L Walnut
    • Nordost FREY 2 NORSE
    • Core Audio Designs Isoplat
    • Benz Micro LP-S MR
    • Clearaudio Stradivari V2
    • Acoustic Signature Challenger mk2
    • Clearaudio Smart Matrix record cleaner
    • SME 312S
    • SME 309
    • Core Audio Designs QRD and Absorption Panels
    • Nagra VPS, MPS, and VFS

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Yeah, the LPS is a real winner! Cheers,


So on the 309 I have the Stradivari v2 and on the 312s I have the LP-S.  For more of the modern recordings of classical and elector/rock I tend to use the LP-S and on the older classical stuff, I use the strad.  It seems to have a bit more zip and pronounced top end, which can illuminate a perceived darker or more rounded recording.  They're both great in their own right.  For example, some of the older Decca classical stuff is all Strad v2, but some of the new remastered Bowie, Kraftwerk, Dead Can Dance, etc that gets the LP-S treatment.  they're very much 2 sides to the same coin though.  Complimentary in nature.


Great system & room, Cutty! Bet it sounds very engaging. 

Love it when people get to push both analog and digital to a high level. Curious about how you choose which arm and cartridge to use when grabbing an LP? By genre, etc.? Cheers,



Great stuff!


Nice setup. Love it!


Hello, your option on the Sasha DAW ?
Also do play more vinyl with the Wilson's 


Thanks all for the thumbs up.  Switching to Pass pre and amp, as well as the absorption and QRD panels from Arnold at Core audio really made the biggest impact to the overall sense of rightness.  Finally I can sit back and enjoy it rather than think of the next thing I need to do to squeeze the last bit of whatever out of it.  Oh wait... ceiling panels.... but that’s neither here nor there!


Love that shot of the full room and rear diffusors.


Wow, fantastic new system @73cuttysupreme Seems like it was put together with a lot of thought and considerations. I like the overall choices in equipment and room treatment. Very well done!


Thank you!  i have some new acoustic panels coming in the following days to complete the room, and then I'll get some better pics and more accurate dimensions of the room.  it's quite nice and still being livable and has a good-enough WAF!


> Was just feeding  24 kt88 tubes into the thing every 6 months.


I just wanted to say you have a lovely, lovely room and system.  I dig your art taboot.


Was too much heat during the summer here, and since COVID hit, the amps are on 16 hours a day as I work remotely (as many of us do right now I suspect) Was just feeding  24 kt88 tubes into the thing every 6 months. They were fantastic though, and I miss them.  I’ll get back on the tube amps again soon, but only part time on weekends.  Thinking VAC statements.


Now that is a serious system! What's up with the big VTL mono's you don't list?


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