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Dimensions: 29’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • PrimaLuna Evo 300 Preamp
    Big improvement over the Evo 300 integrated which is what I initially started with when experimenting with PrimaLuna. Currently using Phillips 5R4GYS rectifier tubes with reissued Russian Mullard 12AU7s in the front 2 sockets. Definitely rounds off the edges for a very euphonic sound without sounding too warm or syrupy. Not the last word in detail and resolution but with the Naim NDX2 as a source it is an exceptional blend of detail, rhythm, and holographic staging of the stereo image.
    • PrimaLuna Evo 300 Monoblocks
    Running 2 Evo 300 amps in Mono mode with 4 Tung-Sol KT150 power tubes in each, as well as 2 NOS Brimar CV4003/12AU7s in the preamp sockets. The KT150s add exceptional weight and body to instruments and voices, particularly guitar strings, piano notes, etc. They exert grip and control over the bottom end while still maintaining the silky and forward mids and top end of the EL34 tubes. Combined with the Brimar CV4003 tubes, this offers a uniquely euphonic sound with tight, detailed bass and realistic weight and timbre that is not harsh in any way - in fact more velvety-smooth on mids and top end. A very engaging combination.
    • Symposium Acoustics Ultra Pro Amp Stands
    • Naim Audio NDX2
    • Volti Audio Rivals
    • Symposium Acoustics Super Speaker Platforms
    • JL Audio 2 Dominion D110s
    • Transparent Audio Speaker cables, power, and interconnects
    Super speaker cables and Super RCA interconnects
    High Performance and Premier power cables
    • Naim Audio XPS DR
    • Isotek Sigmas Evo3
    • Innuos Zen MK III
    • UpTone Audio EtherRegen
    • Naim Audio Fraim
    • GIK Acoustics Diffusion and Absorption
    • Sound Anchor Speaker Stands
    Supporting the GIK Panels

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Well now there is a well-treated listening space.
And visually dramatic as well. Ace work!


Very nice system and photos.
I also own the Volti Alura.
I notice you’re set up for near field and extreme toe-in.
I know that Greg recommends this setup too.
Did you try a more traditional toe-in?
What was the sonic difference?


@tablejockey for sure... I want to get some full-range GIK 244 panels up there. However I just got done waiting 3 months for my most recent GIK order so I'm going to wait until things open up a bit hopefully by summer and then that would be the last piece of the treatment puzzle.


Nice gear. 

There's a reflective ceiling above all that nice stuff. Did you consider what that would do? You may be able to achieve a cleaner look also. 


Really atmospheric room and killer system! I've heard those Volti Rivals before great speakers and they love tubes of course. Really well done.


Awesome!  Nice job onthe setup.  Looks like it has a nice cozy feel and you have nice gear.


@cymbop thank you!

@thosb thanks, it does sound awesome. Regarding panel placement, I already had the 7" Monster bass traps against that front wall because my home theater is on the other side of the room. To counter that I knew I'd want some diffusion up front (there are 9 other absorption panels around the back of the room). As I got to experimenting and listening I also came up with the visual idea of staggering the height of the diffusion panels both for effectiveness but also for the interesting visual impact of the panels. 


There is no way that this system doesn't rock!  Way to build something cool, @jsqt !


Wow what a room, bet it sounds great!  Can you explain a bit how you determined the locations for all the diffusion and absorption panels?  Thanks


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