My system is set up in living room

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • YG Acoustics Carmel 2
    Love these small floorstanders. I replaced much bigger Focal Scala V2 with these. Although bottom end is less, but these small FS disappears better and more balanced sounding in my small-ish living room
    • LUMIN X1
    Fantastic All-in-one streamer and it replaces previous very expensive server and DAC. The SFP port is one of the reason pushes the SQ very close to previous high-end sever.
    • YBA PH-150
    Under-rated brand IMO. Get it used at good price. Love the sound
    • VAC Master Preamp
    One of the most important game-changer in my system. Improves the sound to another level. Using telefunken E88CC for now. Has another pair of Siemens CCa
    • Nordost Valhalla V2 Power cables
    Total 3 feeding preamp, streamer and power amplifier
    • Nordost Valhalla V2 XLR
    From preamp to power amp
    • Nordost QRT QBASE QB8-MKII
    Sits on 3 TC sort kones
    • Nordost QKore 6
    One of the tweaks I found indispensable in my system
    • Nordost Sort Kone TC
    • Nordost Sort Kone BC
    • Thales Slim II Turntable
    • Audio Technica ART-9 MC cartridge
    • Audio Envy Mega 3 power cable
    Feeding my LPS
    • Audio Envy Ocean 3 power cable
    Feeding phonostage
    • Silent Running Audio Scuttle Mk3
    • Nordost Qpoint
    One of the tweaks I found indispensable in my system
    • PSI Audio AVAA C20
    Total 2 at each front corners.
    Greatly help in bass boom and standing wave problem
    • Harmonix RF-999MT Mk2
    • Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker cables
    • Nordost Odin1 power cable
    Feeding Qbase 8 mk II
    • Black Cat Cable Silverstar 88 RCA
    New cable from Chris from phono to preamp
    • Zavfino Fusion XLR
    From Lumin X1 to preamp.
    • Wellfloat Isolation Platform
    One of the hidden gems from Japan. It replaces another platform costing more than 5 times
    • TAD M700S
    Upgrade from Accuphase A75 to this. The improvement is jaw-dropping

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Nicely curated system.  Do the PSI C20s make a significant difference?



The accuphase’s conservative power rating is 60W at 8 ohm, can double down to 120W at 4 ohm and all the way to 1 ohm.

So far I don’t feel it’s underpower driving the YG. But I never try their Class AB :)


Excellent choice of gears! Do you feel Accuphase has enough power for 75 watts?


Well done Stanley a very interesting mix of great gear I am deeply curious to hear it I imagine it sounds fantastic.l


Thales TT is fine for me. 
For the cart, I am keeping my eyes on DS audio optical cart or mysoniclab.
Will slowly explore


Great set with excellent equipment! How satisfied are you with the Thales turntable and how did you come to the choice of cartridge? I would have thought that higher-quality systems could show their potential here.


Wow! That's some top tier equipment and I sure it sounds the part too.


Love VAC gear. 

Bet your system sounds awesome.


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