My home stereo & theatre system

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Wavepad Audio Editing Software
    I use this to strip out drum tracks from my music so that I can play along.
    • Sony WM1Z Walkman MWA-105
    Portable music player
    • Furman ELITE 15I
    Power conditioner
    • BTICHEUOC Ultrasonic LP record cleaning machine
    • Marantz TT-15s1
    Audiophile LP Turntable
    • Denon DL-103r
    High output m/c phono cartridge
    • Denon DL-103M Moving Coil Cartridge
    High output MC Phonograph cartridge
    • Grado Timbre Platinum 3
    Wood-shell M/C phono cartridge
    • Audio-Technica AT-OC9XEB
    Dual coil m/c phono cartridge
    • Pro-Ject Audio Systems tube box ds2
    Vacuum tube m/c phono preamp
    • Marantz M-CR612
    BlueTooth stereo receiver and CD player
    • Schitt Modi 3+
    Delta/Sigma DAC
    • Fluance XL-8FW
    3-way floor standing tower speakers with built-in down-firing subwoofers, pair
    • Other Miscellaneous stands, accessories, etc.
    All the other usual LP record care equipment
    • Loxjie P-20
    Vacuum tube full balanced headphone amp
    • Audeze LCD-2
    Planar magnetic headphones
    • Ancable 1/4 inch phone plugs
    • Deadbolt 24 kt gold plated banana plugs
    10 pack
    • CW-Mart 18/3 power cord; 100 ft reel
    Old-fashioned braided black fabric-covered power wire used for making low-cost; but high-end component power cables.
    • Legrand, Pass & Seymour HD Hospital Grade plugs
    For my custom-made DIY power cables
    • IEC Lock+ Locking IEC Power plugs
    For DIY component power cables
    • DOUK AUDIO HA-3 Tube Headphone Amp

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Yes. It’s through-bolted to a marble pastry slab; which, in turn, sits on Sorbothane feet



Make sure the turntable is tied down.


I don't think audiogon cares about your boat photo. It's the other 40 or 50 you've posted. Anyway don't worry about it I won't turn you in.


Yes. She formerly belonged to the actress Kelley McGillis. These photos aren’t stock photos; I got them from the selling brokerage company.


Wow! I sailed on that boat, but I think it was called "Arabella"... Also the rules state 'no stock photos' here.


The ship’s pretty stable. If it does prove to be troublesome; I’ll just mount in in 4 point gimbals like a marine stovetop; so it’s always level.


I'm curious how a TT works in a schooner? How do you level it and compensate for movement?


Will do. Next month sometime


Amazing. Please show photos when installed.


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