My updated system as of December 2022

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Co. RS-28CX
    6CG7 Tube Pre-Amplifier with built-in 12AT7 Tube MM Phono Stage plus a Separate 5Y3WGT Tube Rectified Power Supply
    • Bob Carver Cherry 180
    Tube Mono Block Amplifiers upgraded with these Amazing Sophia Electric KT88 Coke Bottle Tubes & the equally amazing Sophia Electric 12AX7 tube, the 12AT7 is a New issue Tung-Sol and lastly the 6AL5 is a N.O.S Sylvania tube.
    • Marten Design Oscar Trio
    Matte Walnut Loudspeakers
    • TriangleART Symphony
    High Mass Turntable with upgraded SE Platter
    • TriangleART Crystal Digital Controller
    Motor Controller
    • Oswalds Mill Audio Slate Mat
    • Origin Live Conqueror
    10” Tonearm
    • Grado Reference
    MI Cartridge
    • McIntosh MVP-881
    Audio Video Player
    • Jadis JS2 MKI
    Tube Digital to Analog Converter
    • Monarchy Audio DIP
    Digital interface Processor
    • TriangleART RA-6
    6 Outlet Power Conditioner

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Thank you all. I have had a passion for music since i could remember and this is a culmination of 35 years and it is proof that you do not need to be wealthy to enjoy this passion.


Beautiful system! Been a long time Leben and Core Audio fan, great job.


Now that is a system! That Leben preamp is audioporn of the highest order I've always lusted after it. And that Jadis dac must sound rich and musical in fact the whole system must right up to those gorgeous Italian speaker. Well done zaphod!



The sound is indeed captivating!


Pretty sharp looking system you have there. All near-reference gear too. Must have a real captivating sound.


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