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Dimensions: 24’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Legacy Audio Focus
    2nd generation Legacy Audio Focus’s 98db efficient
    • Myste’re Ia21
    Integrated tube amplifier from Prima Luna sister company
    • Legacy Audio by Coda Impulse
    350 watts into the 4 ohm 98db efficient Legacy Focus’s
    • Yamaha C2x
    • Yamaha B2x
    Amplifier & pre purchased in 1980 while in Navy in Olongapo Philippines on base stereo shop, still going strong
    • Node 2i
    • Project Prebox s2
    Micro preamp dac
    • PS Audio Digital Link 3
    • Sony Tc-399
    Reel to reel
    • Avid Pellar
    Phono preamp
    • Sumiko Pearl
    • Technics 631
    Cassette deck
    • ADS 1290 series 2
    German engineering at its finest still playing gorgeous
    • Bluejean Interconnects/speaker cable
    Highly recommended budget signal n speaker cables
    • Pangea Audio AC-9SE MKII
    Power cable
    • Pangea Audio Premier USB
    • Elac Debut B6
    Incredible sounding budget speaker
    • Vpi Traveler
    Replaced motor and switch in a free failed Vpi  TT that now performs nicely
    • Akai rtr 635d
    Flawless example I plucked out of Pittsburgh Pa

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Thank you sir.. fun stuff!


Nice systems, 3 systems in one. All top notch gear. Bet it sounds phenomenal. Congrats!


Sorry had account glitch.. Thank you! Yamaha components were purchased in the military in Philippines in early 1980s  on base show room was amazing! Still remember the smell ha


Cozy room and a tidy system.  I love it.  Points too for celebrating and incorporating those Yamaha pieces that might have set you on your audio path.  

My office system still uses the Yamaha 2-channel receiver on which I spent my last penny in '96 as a college sophomore.


Thanks for compliments.. I see we both have Myste’re integrated tube amplifiers.. love it.. Most people unaware of them as you know well.. Primaluna sister company.. Tube magic!!


Dawes has a song I’m fond of.. it’s called “A little bit of everything”
Spice of life! 


Nice all encompassing system to do everything. Your outdoor space is nice too. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, I'm original owner.. Cant bring myself to sell them. But just ordered some outriggers for them.


Cool system you don't see ADS speakers much these days!


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