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Dimensions: 14’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Peachtree Audio preDAC
    • Manley Chinook SE II
    Phono stage
    • Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III
    • Pro-Ject 6 Perspex
    • Sumiko Blackbird
    Low Output Moving Coil
    • SVS SB-2000
    Dual Subwoofers
    • Panamax M5400-PM
    Voltage Regulator
    • PS Audio Power Port
    A/V Grade AC Receptacle
    • Peachtree Audio GaN 400
    • AudioQuest Red River
    XLR Interconnects
    • AudioQuest Big Sur
    Speaker cables

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Thank you @toro3 
And yes great album. I would love to try a tube amplifier. I keep hearing how good they would sound. Maybe sometime in the future but I am enjoying the Peachtree setup. 


Keep on going back to this system - so well done between the Cornwalls, SVS's, Peachtree, room treatments and dogs. Ready to Die was a great album, too.


@boxcarman I would think so if you want balance but I’m not an expert. I would say keep them the same. But if you have them already I would give it a try and see if you like it. If it sounds good run them that way.


I am wondering if you use two subs, do they have to be the same subs?


@lalitk Thank you! The subs definitely tie everything together.


Beautiful system, love the vibe of your room. Great decision on adding two subs instead of relying on EQ, nothing pressurize your listening space like a pair of subs. Enjoy!


The CW’s against the wall produce more bass energy. And is more aesthetically appealing to me. I’ve listened to Paul from PS Audio and he’s a strong advocate for subs in your system so I decided to give them a try rather than using an equalizer to increase the bass. It was the best decision so far. I got them dialed in and sounds like it’s all coming from one speaker. Sounds really good. Thank you for your interest.


Also curious about your listening experience with two subs, and how do the Cornwalls sound so close to the back wall? Maybe that's one reason you picked these speakers, bc you can position them this way?


Nice to hear, I'm thinking of getting the same amp and better imaging and bigger soundstage would be great.  BTW I love your room! Your listening buddies look like they enjoy it too!


It replaced Peachtree Nova 300. Compared to the Nova 300 the GaN 400 images way better and the soundstage sounds fuller if that makes sense. I really didn’t expect a big change but that’s what I got in a good way. So far so good. I think it may be a keeper.


How do you like the GaN 400?  I assume it's fairly new, what did it replace?


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