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Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Infinity IRS Epsilon
    Infinity IRS Epsilon speakers
    • Infinity Kappa 9
    Infinity Kappa 9 SPEAKERS
    • Forte 4A
    Forte 4a Amplifier
    • Forte F-44
    Forte F-44 Preamplifier
    • Adcom GFA 555
    Adcom GFA-555 amplifier
    • Adcom GFA-535L
    Adcom GFA-535L Amplifier
    • Emotiva XDR-2
    Emotiva XDR-2 DAC
    • Sony Ca9ES
    Sony CD Player
    • Dell Inspiron 660 i5
    Dell Inspiron i5 CPU to run spotify

Comments 2

The epsilons bass is more accurate tighter  and rmore controlled plus you can adjust The output of the bass with the SCU box, the kappa 9's bass is good but a little thumpier sounding to me.

The k9 has more air on top in the highest frequencies due to the SEMIT, wish the epsilon had one,  the epsilon tweeter goes lower and sounds like everything has more body to it.

The midrange goes to the epsilon, hard to beat an EMIM

The mid bass is personal preference, the epsilons mid bass is faster/accurate but the k9' mid bass hits harder, take your pick.

The epsilon has way less coloration coming from the drivers and cabinet.

The epsilon is way more revealing of poor electronics and  recordings than the k9, in fact because of that I find myself listening to the k9'  half the time because they are a more forgiving speaker.  

You really can't listen to rock and such on the epsilon, it sounds bad, but pretty good on the k9's, I can listen to more  genres  of music on the k9, the k9 is a little more dynamic in the mid bass and mids.

That said give the epsilons well recorded recordings and you are in for a treat, I like to listen to soft rock, 70's early 80's music and live acoustic and solo's on the epsilons. 

I like both the epsilon and the k9, just for different reasons, both are good speakers.


Nice!  I have a somewhat similar equipment- Kappa 9a and Threshold S/500II with Parasound P5.  I've always been curious about the Epsilons- how do they compare to the 9's?


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