Room Details

Dimensions: 9’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Usher Mini One Diamonds, & Mini Two Diamonds
    Abbey Road Bi-Wire speaker cables
    • Townshend Audio Rock 7
    Merlin power supply, Mark Baker belt (Origin Live), Funk Firm FXR re-wired with Audio Note 38 gauge/silver straight through,(from cart clips to phono stage) to KLE Absolute Harmony RCAs. With the round BDR platform, I'm able to let the fixed phono cable run down beside the basic platform without interference.
    • VPI Industries Classic 3 Signature SE
    Using a SOTA Eclipse motor package (Condor, Roadrunner)

    Stillpoints Ultra SS feet
    • VPI Industries Analog Drive System (ADS)
    • Soundsmith Sussurro Mk. 2
    • K&K Audio Trio phono preamplifier
    Herbies tube dampers, Synergistic blue fuse
    • SMc Audio DNA-225 modded to Signature Ultra status
    • Quicksilver V-4 mono
    • Martin Logan Depth i
    Two of these
    • Synergistic Research FEQ - Frequency Equalizer
    • Synergistic Research Blue & Maestro outlets
    • Akiko Audio Phono Enhancer
    • ORB disc flattener DF-01iA
    • VPI Industries HW16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
    • Stillpoints LLC Aperture
    • Furutech RW-1
    • Vicoustic Extreme Bass Panels
    • Ready Acoustics Bass panels
    (2) moddified
    • Vicoustic Mutifuser DC2 Diffusion panels
    • Perfect Path Technologies Omega + E Mat
    2 of these
    • MyMat turntable mat
    2 of these
    • Vibrato Ultrasonic record cleaner
    10 quart/80khz/frequency sweep function/6 transducers/heater
    • Mark Tunis Black Shadow
    phono cable with KLE Absolute Harmony RCAs
    • PEEK film for VPI dual pivot owners
    At .0002" thick, this film applied to the metal dual pivot base will bring out the best of your dual pivot upgrade. 

    I'll provide a pre-cut piece, mailed for $10.00 in the CONUS.
    • SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC Star ES
    • Shelter 501 MK II
    • Dedicated Audio Cable Elevators
    I added the rubber bands
    • Puritan Audio Labs PSM 156
    Using 2, one on each dedicated line
    • Noteworthy Audio 1T, 2T
    1T interconnect
    2T interconnect
    • Noteworthy Audio 2PC
    2PC power cord
    • Townshend Audio Speaker Podiums, Pods
    • Audia Flight FL Phono
    • SPL Volume2
    Active, in-line volume control for two channels (stereo)
    • GIK Alpha

Comments 33

Love it, Steve!
We gotta talk vinyl cleaning one day. It looks like a vinylstack is used with your US machine...that's what I use...followed by some DIY hacked rinses/vacuum. 


A wonderful room and system, Slaw.
I was right, you are a true Music lover.

Happy Listening!


Thanks Brian!


Wonderful setup. One of Audiogon's true enthusiasts.


Thanks for your comments!


slaw, beautiful gear selection, righteous LP collection! It goes without saying but Enjoy the Music!


Thanks @tubegb.
I noticed you're a fellow Per Madsen guy as well!


Great system Slaw, and I love all those slabs of vinyl tucked in their Per Madsen record racks. To say you've done some homework on isolation/vibration control would be an understatement...


@tvad, What a nice comment. Thank you.


The care, detail and love put into your system is quite remarkable. Enjoy it for many years to come.


The Wall Damp material has a thin layer of adhesive on each side. The stuff is like fly paper! ASC sells it in 4" squares, 1.5" x 4' strips, and roll ends by the lb.


@bdp24, Send me some pictures when they are finished. Are you going to use an adhesive to bond the layers?


Wow Steve, two double-wide BDR shelves. Me likey! I'm making myself all new shelves for my three Solid Steel racks (to replace the stock MDF). A layer of slate, another of Baltic Birch plywood, with a layer of ASC Wall Damp between them. Not as good as carbon fiber, but a lot cheaper. Can't get them done until my woodworker reopens his business.


How do i get info on mymat


Thanks richmon, appreciate your post.


Nice wall of vinyl, well played sir! Nice system too, seems you've got everything in proper order, lots of musical choice and quality playback system.


BTW Eric, I had previously tried a Stillpoints Aperture in the same place (center front wall) and didn't like it there. The Apertures are great products....expensive though.


Thanks Eric. The Multifusers are fantastic. I had originally planned to put all 6 on the ceiling. Out of curiosity, I put 3 on the back wall and was amazed!. I was going to put the remainder on the ceiling but out of curiosity, I put one on top of each Furutec diffuser and one in the center front wall and was again amazed. Looks like another 6 pack for the ceiling at a later date.


Awesome Steve! In the 90's I had all my gear sitting on exterior wall-mounted Target shelves, a Townshend Seismic Sink between each shelf and the piece sitting on it. My current situation doesn't allow for that, so it's back to floor racks.

How do you like the Vicoustic Multifusers? I have a carton in my shopping cart on the Thomann (Germany) site, watching the exchange rate as the dollar gains in strength. When the Euro hits bottom, I'll pounce!


Thanks JIm. It has been a long time coming and thankfully, I had exactly everything I needed today to install it.


steve the new wall mount shelf system looks super cool !,,, so glad to hear you are loving the improved sonics!,,,,




Hi Rick,

Yeah, it's still in the box.


We share some of the same gear...
I have a pair of QuickSilver V4 mono (newer KT150 model), SoundSmith Sussurro MKII cart and I just read a post that you had recently purchased the Moerch DP-8 tonearm?
Coincidentally... I just purchased that are too!
I don't see it listed on here... do you still have it?



It's been a while and I felt the need to update. The past posts regarding the performance of the VPI vs The Rock need to be amended.

It turned out my new Classic 3 Sig SE had it's S2P distance off by 3-4 mm from the factory, in addition my old SDS was failing. The S2P distance has now been corrected and VPI gave me a new ADS in exchange for my old SDS.

While I haven't been able to compare directly yet, The VPI is performing admirably. I have also added the dual pivot upgrade. It is a great upgrade!


I've had my VPI Classic 3 Sig SE on the exact same set-up as my Rock 7 and the Rock 7 blew it away with more natural tonal SQ, more musical/cleaner bass, less fatiguing etc...……….


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