This is the third iteration of our humble system that’s in our shared family room space.  Have gone from Rotel>Polk, to Marantz>Kirksaeter, and now to Heed>Totem.  The only constant has been the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon.  The digital front end has moved from a DTS Play-Fi streamer to Bluesound Node 2i with a Chord Mojo handling D/A conversion.  I’m pretty smitten with this current system.  Next upgrade will be a new turntable.  This is a hard choice, but honestly, with the upgrades to the Debut Carbon, it sounds pretty good!  The small desk is a sewing machine table from the mid-twentieth century.  It's solid, heavy, and built like a tank.

Open to tips, tweaks, or turntable recommendations.

Cheers!  Matthew


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    • Heed Audio Obelisk

    Their SI Mark III integrated amp with phono board installed.  Resting on Herbie’s Audio Lab’s Tender Feet on top of a very dense chopping board from Hay Design.  

    • Totem Acoustic Rainmaker

    Monitor loudspeakers on sand filled stands.

    • Bluesound Node 2i

    We enjoy streaming via Tidal HiFi, Spotify Connect, and a collection of CD rips and FLAC downloads.  Herbie’s Audio Lab Baby Booties offer support, and a simple cutting board to get the Node 2i off the floor.

    • Chord Mojo

    D/A Conversion for the Node 2i.

    • Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

    Upgrades include Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, acrylic platter, Speed Box S PSU, and Puck-It record weight.  Supported by Vibrapods on top of a solid piece of granite.

    • Signal Cable Inc. Various Cables

    Various cables from SignalCable.  Their Classic Speaker Cables, MagicPower power cord into the Obelisk, digital optical between the Node 2i and the Mojo, and their Silver Mini cable going from the Mojo into the Obelisk.

    • AudioQuest Various Cables

    NRG C7 power cable for the Node 2i, and Sidewinder interconnects from the Node into the Obelisk (for TV audio).

    • APC P8V

    Ultra budget friendly power strip and conditioner.

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outstanding.....Heed does electronica like Mount Kimbie justice....tons of fun.  Enjoy!


Excellent.  In the realm of SS, there is little better in terms of tube-like sound, layering and warmth.  Never mind the fact that its affordable.  I am surprised it does not have more penetration in the US....


Hey there. I see the Heed has made an appearance! How does that sound?   By the way, very cool vibe in your space and I very much approve of your listening chair being a fan of all things mid modern 👍