This is a constantly evolving system. My audiophile passion started in the early 70's and got me to study electronics and acoustics in college. I built my own speakers and power amps in the late 70's, but as my income increased and my free time evaporated, I moved to commercial products. I've owned at least a dozen of every different kind of component (probably more speakers) over the years. In the late 90's, I started focusing on home theater, but my interest in 2-channel has been rekindled in recent years. 

I ended up spending my career in computers, but have started doing more DIY audio stuff recently. In the past few years, I've built three pair of speakers, two pair of subwoofers, two preamps, one stereo amp, four pair of monoblock amps, a Roon server, and several speaker cables, interconnects, and power cables. 

My main system, shown here, is built with DIY preamp, monoblock amps, and speakers. I am hoping to build my own streamer and DAC over the next year or so, but I have two more preamp projects in the works that I need to finish first.

Room Details

Dimensions: 29’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Denafrips Gaia Digital-to-Digital Converter
    Accepts digital audio from numerous inputs. Buffers and reclocks the data, and outputs on numerous outputs including i2s, AES, SPDIF, optical, coax, USB. Inputs are opto-isolated for improved noise rejection.
    • Denafrips Terminator Plus
    Upgraded from the Terminator in Feb 21
    • Small Green Computer SonicTransporter i9
    Roon core. Optical ethernet connection to streamer.
    • Sonore Signature Rendu SE
    Upgraded from Optical Rendu, summer 21
    • DIY Preamp2
    Two chassis design with separate class A shunt power supplies for dedicated subwoofer output and balanced line stage. Features Khozmo relay-switched balanced attenuator and input selector, Salas UBib shunt regulators, balanced AMB a20 discrete line stage, AMB a24 single ended subwoofer output.
    • DIY Parallel 300B SET Monoblocks
    Based on the ANK kit Interstage monoblocks with C-Core transformers. Custom chassis with numerous upgrades including Tent Labs filament supplies, PMillet driver stage filament supply, Neurochrome Maida regulator, soft-start, turn-on delay, balanced inputs, and other upgrades. Using matched quad Western Electric 300Bs.
    • GR-Research Line Force Speakers
    DIY open baffle line arrays using six Bohlender-Graebener NEO10 drivers and sixteen NEO3 drivers per speaker.
    • GR Research Quad 12" OB Servo Subwoofers
    Stereo pair
    • PS Audio Stellar Power Plant P3
    • GIK Acoustics Bass Diffusors, 242 Panels, Art Panels
    Multiple GIK panels used throughout the room
    • DIY acoustic treatments Tube Traps, wall panels
    • Kimber Kable Select KS-3035
    4ft speaker cable with WBT locking bananas
    • DH Labs Red Wave
    DIY Power cords with Wattgate or Furutech connectors
    • DIY HELIX Power Cables
    I'm using several DIY PCs for my source components using the recipe from Steve Reeve. These are build using Neotech UP-OCC solid core copper in teflon, with Viborg silver-plated copper connectors.
    • Iconoclast by Belden 4x4 OCC Balanced Interconnects
    1M pair between DAC and preamp, 7M pair between preamp and monoblock amps.
    • DH Labs Sub-Sonic II
    Subwoofer interconnect cables
    • AudioQuest Diamond USB
    Connecting Roon ROCK to Gaia
    • Tubulus Argentus i2s cable
    Used between the Denafrips Gaia DDC and the Terminator Plus DAC
    • Solid Tech Hybrid Standard Rack
    Four shelf rack with columns filled with sand.
    • ATS Acoustics 2'x4' QRD Diffusers
    Eight custom (slightly shortened to fit my ceiling height) QRD diffusers (6.5" deep) made from birch. Mounted to the front wall behind the speakers. Wrapped in fabric. Total of 64 sq ft.

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I am blessed for sure :-) Anyway appreciate your room and the obvious thought and high level of execution evident ! enjoy the experimentation and the music


@tomic601 - Thank you. You've got some nice systems as well. I was pretty impressed with the Vandersteens I heard at Capital Audio Fest last month.


lovely !


@hifihandyman , @audphile1 , @islandmandan , @mscetal , @ervikingo - I've been negligent in responding. Thank you all for your kind words. 

It's been a lot of fun building the gear and setting up this system, and I'm quite happy with the way it is sounding now. I have my home office in the back of my listening room and get to listen to my system 6-8 hours/day. 

But I also really enjoy designing and building the gear. It can be frustrating at times when I spend months on a new project only to find that it doesn't sound as good as the component I've been using, but that just makes it all the more satisfying when the new build sounds really good. 

I'm hoping to eventually get to the point where my entire system is DIY. I've got a few streamer and DAC projects in mind, but they are still in the early design stages. I've still got two preamp projects that I need to finish, and a couple of amp projects that I've been gathering parts for. 


Oh my God!  Beautiful room and awesome looking components.  DIY !  My hat is off to you!


Nice system and great looking room, too!  It looks like careful system matching and some great builds!


Having done a fair bit of DIY myself (nothing that elablorate!), great job, I hope you are getting a great deal of enjoyment out of it!

Best regards,


Awesome setup! Lots of room for the speakers to breathe and with acoustic treatment I bet the soundstage is excellent!


Wow, I really love your style!  I really want to listen to your system.  Good job.


Very,very nicely executed!  Congratulations!




Very nice looking system and room :-)


Wonderful well set up system I'm sure it sounds great as well.


Wonderful system and journey ;-) love it !


Great system page, great crossovers that look well organised.
Thanks for sharing, and I bet it sounds great.


@panhead2 - The JC5 is a very nice amp, particularly for the money. It has tons of power and provides a detailed, smooth sound with very good imaging. I now have a pair of Pass XA60.8 monoblocks which I would say are slightly richer sounding and a bit more forgiving of bad recordings. The Pass amp has quite a bit less power, but my speakers are 93db/w efficient so provide plenty of power for me. 

I prefer the Pass amps in my system, but they also are way less efficient and less powerful. Idle power on the pair of Pass amps is 4 times higher than the JC5.  The JC5 produced the best sound in my system compared to my other amps (excluding the XA60.8s), but my DIY Purifi monoblocks with the Neurochrome buffers came a very close second (into my fairly easy speaker loads).

I don't currently own Magnepans, but have owned several pairs over the years. I do have a pair of GR Research servo controlled open-baffle subs which I think would work very well with Magnepans. I believe member bdp24 is using these subs with Magnepans.



Very interesting system.   How do you compare the JC5 with the other amps?
Interested as I would like to add it to my system.    I saw a comment of yours about maggie subs but dont see them listed here.

Happy listening!


@b_limo - thanks for the compliments. Your system looks pretty sweet as well. I love the image with the backlit acoustic panels. 

I've been experimenting with using a VTV tube input buffer in my Purifi amps but I'm not really happy with the sound in my system. I am going to switch back to the Neurochrome input buffers for the time being, but when I get some time, I'm going to design my own input board. 

I've also recently acquired a pair of Pass XA60.8 monoblocks. These sound fabulous - definitely a step up from my other maps, but I can also tell that they may warm up my room more than desired in the middle of the summer so the Purifi amps will probably get swapped in at some point. 


The system is looking great!  I had tagged this as a favorite but hadn’t been by for awhile.  Looking fantastic!  Cool to see all the diy stuff; it all looks like top notch stuff, well done!


@electroslacker - I've only had the Gaia in the system for a few days and I'm using a cheap HDMI for the i2s connection, but I've already noticed some fairly significant improvements. Primary improved clarity and detail, but also sharper imaging and the bass (particularly mid-bass) has more weight and texture. I've got a Tubulus Arguntus HDMI cable on order. 

I changed my configuration a bit when I added the Gaia. Previously, it was Roon ROCK w/LPS > cat8 > EtherRegen w/LPS > cat8 > Bryston BDP-2 > DH Labs D-110 > DAC. Now it's switch - cat8 > EtherRegen w/LPS > cat8 > Roon ROCK w/LPS > AQ Diamond USB > Gaia > cheap i2s > DAC. 

I am pleasantly surprised by the improvement. Can't wait for the better i2s cable. 


Stunning.  What differences did you hear when you added the Gaia to the Terminator?


Congrats on the diy movement. I also got into that over the past few years and it really opens your eyes to the choices designers are making and the parts cost to retail value people are often working with. Such a great way to learn about the hobby while gaining control over the system, better equipment quality, and greater value for your money. 

Beautiful system, I'd love to hear it.


Sorry, I just noticed the last several responses. 

@josh_gordon - I built the tube traps myself using fiberglass pipe insulation I bought from McMaster. If you're interested in details, send me a PM. I bought the wall panels from GIK Acoustics. The images used on the art panels are my own.

@mrvordo - I sold my turntable and 1500 records in the early 90's when I had little kids and limited space. I sort of regret doing so, but not looking back now. I'd rather invest the money in the best digital I can get for my budget.

@jason_michaels - yes, I built them. I'm thrilled with the sound, but I have an opportunity to build a pair of GR Research Line Forces, so that's next the project for this fall.

Thanks for all the positive comments.


The GR research speakers look great - nice color choice. Did you build them yourself?


Nice. Streamlined, with extreme attention to detail is my kind of setup.


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