Started my system in the about 1980 buying a Threshold 500 amp with my first loan. To power Acoustate 2+2... but unable to afford the speakers. Upgraded and learned audio over five decades to current system. I have love seat in listening position so one of my dogs can listen with me. She loves classical and jazz.

My current system reflects my values in sound. Specifically being warm, natural and musical. After spending about 20 years Listening to acoustical instruments when possible and attending hundreds of symphony concerts I finally figured out the difference between many systems that artificially accentuate detail and create excessive slam that compromise the integrity of the music. My system does not overly highlight the venue and mastering techniques but communicates the music and draws you in, as opposed to shouting at you.

For me, perfect.

Room Details

Dimensions: 35’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Audio Research Reference 6SE Preamp
    • Audio Research Reference 3 Phono Stage
    • Audio Research Reference CD9se DAC / CD player
    • Audio Research Reference 160s Amp
    • Aurender WE20se Music Server
    • Sonus Faber Amati Traditional Speakers
    • Linn Audio LP12 close to Klimax
    • Transparent Ultra Gen 5 Speaker Cables and XLR Interconnects
    • Silent Running Audio Ohio ++2 Isolation platform for Linn LP 12
    • Audio Quest Hurricane
    Power cords for amp
    • Audio Research Reference 160 M
    On loan to me from a dealer friend.
    • Audio Research Reference 3SE Phono stage
    On loan from dealer friend for evaluation.

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GHD, I really do admire your setup. Like you, I consider myself very lucky with my listening room. I had to move my wood stove to a side wall years ago, but what a difference that made, a near perfect listening room.

Sometimes, it's about the room, and not about the tens of thousands invested in your equipment, but of course, they both matter.

Well done, my good man! Regards,


G H, I just re-read our last interaction, and I failed to respond to your comments re island living.

Where I've lived since 1971 is not exotic, but back in '71, it was quite rustic, which was exactly what I needed back in those days, after growing up in the greater Los Angeles area, smog so bad you couldn't make out the tops of the buildings in LA.

We moved into small cabin located on ten acres of forested land, learned to love the place, and after we lived there a bit over a year, with icycles hanging to the ground from the eaves, the place burned down to the ground due to a chimney fire.

The neighborhood put us up, and donated so much stuff, it wasn't long until we were back with a furnished home to live in, and clothes on our backs.

We decided this

 would be our home, and it still is, although not as rural as it was then, it's still a very quiet and comfortable place to live. 

Best regards, enjoy,





ghd, I am so glad A'gon has finally gotten this feature back up and running. I recall you having made some nice comments regarding my modest system, and I thought I had returned the favor. If I did, it wasn't in this format.

You do have a wonderful system, those Sonus Faber Amati are gorgeous! The Audio Research components are beautiful as well, as is your room and listening partner!

Regards, and enjoy,