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Amplifiers & Receivers:Receivers

AVR-100150w, with remote
C-1000a200w, 6 ch
HR-72260w x 2, with remote
HR-73260w x 2, with remote
HR-74280w x 2, with remote
HR-752100w x 2, with remote
HR-772150w, 2ch, remote
HR-885.1ProLogic, AC3
HR-895110w x 3, 50w x 2, ProLogic
HTR-88080w x 3, 25w x 2
The Receiver130w x 2
The Receiver 150150w x 2
The Receiver 2000200w x 2, with remote
The Receiver 6200100w x 2, with remote
The Receiver 6250125w x 2, with remote
The Receiver 90090w x 2

Preamplifiers:Solid state

4000ta/v console
C-1with mc, 7 lbs
C-15vaudio video
C-2with mc, 7 lbs
C-20vwith ProLogic
C-27vwith ProLogic, tuner
C-3slim line
C-4000with mc, 11 lbs
C-5slim line
CT-17with tuner, remote
CT-23with tuner, phono, remote
CT-24with tuner, phono, remote
CT-24vwith tuner, audio video
CT-25.1with tuner, remote
CT-26Vwith tuner, remote
CT-27vwith tuner, remote
CT-28vwith tuner, remote
CT-29vwith tuner, remote
CT-3with tuner, remote
CT-5.1xwith tuner, THX, AC3
CT-6with tuner
CT-7tuner, with remote

Amplifiers & Receivers:Solid state

A-220110w x 2
A-400x200w x 2, thx
A-500x250w x 2, thx
A-760x380w x 2, thx
AV-705x125w x 5
AVX-806100w, with remote
CM-1090100w x 2, integrated, with remote
CM-2002105w x 2, integrated
CMV-118580w x 3, 24 x 2, integrated
Lightstar Ref300w, 82 lbs
Lightstar mkII300w
M-0.5t140w x 2
M-1.0t200w x 2
M-1.5+350w x 2, 16 lbs
M-1.5t350w x 2
M-200t120w x 2, 10 lbs
M-4.0t375w x 2, class AB
M-400a200w x 2
M-400t200w x 2, 9 lbs
M-500250w x 2, class AB, 22 lbs
M-500t250w x 2, with meters
MCTmoving coil step up transformer
RAC-6remote amp controller
RSI-1remote system interface
TFM-15150w x 2
TFM-15cb100w x 2, slim line
TFM-22225w x 2
TFM-24225w x 2
TFM-25225w x 2, with meters
TFM-35250w x 2, with meters, 30 lbs
TFM-35x250w x 2, with meters, 30 lbs
TFM-42375w x 2, with meters
TFM-45375w x 2, with meters
TFM-55380w x 2, with meters, 35 lbs
TFM-55x380w x 2, with meters
TFM-6c65w x 2
TFM-6cb65w x 2, slim line
TFM-75750w x 2
ZAPremote control extender