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    • DS Audio W3 Optical Cartridge
    • DCS Vivaldi One - DAC/All in One Player
    • DS Audio W3 Phono Equalizer/Preamplifier
    • DCS Vivaldi Clock
    • Synergistic Research Black Box - Low Frequency Resonator Array
    • Synergistic Research Galileo Powercell SX Power Conditioner with Galileo SRX Power Cord - QTY 2
    • Synergistic Research Galileo SX Ground Block
    • REL Acoustics Carbon Special Subwoofers - QTY 2
    • Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF
    • Symphonic Line Erleuchtung Reference MK3 HD Tube Preamplifier w/Turbo Reference Power Supply
    • Synergistic Research FEQ Carbon/Carbon Tuning Modules
    • Symphonic Line Kraft 300 MK3A 40th Anniversary Mono-blocks
    • Symphonic Line Phono Reference HD Phono Preamplifier w/Turbo Reference Power Supply
    • Tidal Audio Agoria Platinum Special Edition (SE) Speakers

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So nice man


Jon that is a pretty jaw dropping state of the art assault on hifi! So much cool gear you almost never see Symphonic Line, and that DC optical cartridge, I heard that at CAF this year actually. And your tape decks are stunning! And of course those Tidal Agoras I make it to the Tidal room every CAF they never disappoint!


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