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This program is for those with inventory—manufacturers, brick and mortar retaildealers, distributors, and active hobbyists.

We have seen the Hi-Fi Industry changeover our 20+ years, and know the one constant is that professional users need to maximize their profit margins. Discounted listing fees are just the beginning

$4 Listings

No Transaction Fees

+ Much More

Program Benefits

  Bluebook Access
  Live Chat Support
  Discounted Upgrades
  Off-Site Transactions
  Personalized eStore
  Free Active Banners
  Dealer Directory
  Access to Advertising

How Much Would You Save?

Calculate the listing fee differences between a regular seller and a member of the Dealer Program.

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Unlimited Access

Audio Bluebook

Subscribe and get unlimited access to the largest audio equipment database – Audio Bluebook. Find the best price before buying or selling or research any audio product sold here or elsewhere.

With an Audiogon Bluebook subscription you'll never have to wonder how much an item is worth. Carefully maintained and up-to-date with the latest average selling prices, the Audiogon Bluebook is an invaluable tool for any buyer or seller.


Improved ROI

$4 Listing fees. No transaction fees. Discounted upgrades. Free Active Banners. Your subscription entitles you to the best pricing available. No more guessing what it costs to list an item or how much you'll make from a sale. Your costs are fixed.

Increased Credibility

A Verified Dealer badge is placed next to your username to instill buyer confidence. Plus, you'll get a personalized eStore to showcase your business and listings, and inclusion in our dealer directory for people looking for local experts.

Priority Support

No more back-and-forth emails.Verified Dealers can Live Chat with our Support Team to handle issues promptly. In addition to an account manager, you also gain access to the ability to submit feature requests to enrich your Audiogon experience.

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Access to Advertising
Leverage Audiogon to increase your brand awareness and generate sales. As a Verified Dealer, we can partner with you to develop a custom advertising plan that works for your needs and budget.
Our sophisticated targeting and audience segmentations ensure maximum efficiency. Whether you simply want to show ads to users in a specific geographic region, or want to geofence a HiFi Convention to advertise to attendees after they go home... we can do that
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Email Marketing
Google Shopping Support
Paid Search and Social
IP Targeting
Web-To-Home Direct Mail
OTT Video Ads